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Tiger [revised] by boremachine
I posted this a long time ago, but never was really satisfied with it. Now I did some major color work to get rid of the greens on his face. And here's the result, now in 16:10 for widescreen monitors. Therefor I added some more space on the left to make it a good desktop ;o)
Thanks to all who view and comment!
edit: Here's the original
Spray Lakes Reflection 1 (Widescreen) by cristovao12
Yet another from our Spray Lakes camping trip recently. Surprisingly, I didn't have to get up early to catch a still lake. (Taken with an Olympus E500 dSLR)
Spray Lakes Reflection 1.2 (Standard) by cristovao12
Same image as Spray Lakes Reflection 1, except cropped from Widescreen format to stardard 4x3 ratio.
Want by Nekopuff
Hi! Hope you like it. Hope Caedes likes it too. :P Anyways, here's a new desktop wallpaper in widescreen format. Isn't spring just wonderful? *happy dance* (more at EDIT EDIT >> My tools: Nikon D300 + Micro Nikkor 105 mm <3 Photo taken today, in my backgarden. (I have a lot more to learn about photography, but I try my best and always looking to improve.)
Glassy Wave by vlad421
In the water with my 10d. format for 16:10 widescreen monitors. This was captured in the early morning on an east facing beach. Thanks to everyone for all the comments! 02/01/10

THis turned out to be my most popular photo... thankyou to everyone who commented or voted on it or downladed it! im glad that over 8,000 people have got to see this now. Better than stuck in my archive folder on my old desktop! I will b trying to take more wave pics soon with me new underwater housing! ALOHA

Shadows on Upper Kananaskis (Widescreen) by cristovao12
Sunday morning on Upper Kananaskis in the summer of 2006. My friend and I were hiking back from a back-country camping trip and the lake was nearly still, providing a phenomenal view. (Also available in 4x3 ratio)
widescreen flower by gaeljet2
tell me
nestled in the Trossachs...(ws) by fogz it a Palace? is it a Royal Residence? nooooo.... it is an hotel! - the Loch Achray Hotel in Stirlingshire - now I know where I am going to stay next time I go to Scotland lol! .... that is when I have won the lottery! ;) ....and this is the other view that I captured when the tour bus stopped looking across Loch Achray (widescreen format). The view to the right is 'on the high road'
Lake Como in Summer (Widescreen) by tbhunter
I took this picture at Lake Como, Italy. I decided to try a widescreen image, so here it is.
Mt. Rainier - widescreen by phydeaux
A revision of my Mt. Rainier image, done in widescreen format. This image is stitched from approximately 7 vertical format images. Shot with a Nikon D50, 1/100 sec, 18-55 AF-S Nikkor ED-G lens at 55mm. Shots taken last October.
Busy Bee II ......Widescreen by 100k_xle
Originally cropped and posted on 3/15/07 . This posting shows more background. Several people requested it so here it is. Hope you like it. Thanks to all who view and comment. Have A Great Day ! E J
holy island of lindisfarne 1 by jeenie11
this is another of the places we've viewed through bob's eyes. his photos of it made me sooooooo want to make a visit. it's a tidal island. one drives across a causeway which opens and closes according to the tide. this means sometimes there's water all around the island (duh). i originally shot this in a regular format but decided that it might look good in widescreen. holy island lived up to my expectations. we were lucky to be there on a not so nice weather day so the tourist population was relatively small. thanks in advance for any comments. ENJOY! (full frame is best)
Shock and Awe-Rework by 100k_xle
After yesterdays posting of Mysterious Skies I received several personal messages asking me to post more High Dynamic Range images. I am well aware that most people either Hate them or Love them. There seems to be NO in between. I like them mainly because they give an image more detail and interest. I've done a Rework of Shock and Awe in HDR and made this one a Widescreen. Tell me whether or not you like HDR images. If so I will post more, if NOT, Oh well. PLEASE VIEW FULL SCREEN. Have A Great Day! E J
Stained Glass Ribbons Widescreen by lotuselan
I was having trouble finding Apophysis fractals in this resolution for my widescreen laptop, so I ended up making a few of my own. Let me know what you think.
Glorious Godrevy by Neken
I noticed Caedes now does widescreen wallpapers so I thought I'd upload the one I've had on my own desktop since I got my new WS-TFT :) Godrevy lighthouse on a gloriously sunny June day last year.
Mount Breitenbach by somiaj
Here is a photo (actually 2 photos) of Mount Breitenbach. As my camera is a simple snap shot camera I had to combine two photos and play around with hiding the the boundary, cropping and resizing to fit a 1920x1080 widescreen format. Enjoy (:
Fishing on the Spray (Widescreen) by cristovao12
Another from the Spray Lakes camping weekend. (taken with an Olympus E500 dSLR)
croc 2 by kodo34
it will look better on a widescreen -)) , about 4-5meter.
England by Night (widescreen) by tbhunter
This is a picture across the Thames(spelling) River from St. John's Cathedral. This is London, just in case you didn't know. Hope you like it.
Classic Mandel Drop by Tzorben
In my opinion a desktop Wallpaper should be quiet and simple (then you have a rule to break). This one is supposed to be nice and easy to consume.
Made with Fractal Explorer (no post processing).
You can buy a print of this at RedBubble.
See the widescreen version here
Warrior King by nmsmith
Photoshop play. Hope you enjoy. If you'd like a widescreen version of this (1920x1200), click here.
Though the gate by slybri
Another from Rothbury, I thought this might make a good desk top so ive croped it widescreen. I had a bit of a tinker in photomatix and had to tone down a bit of blooming behind the tree. Enjoy.
Lake Panorama 1 by boremachine
If you own two widescreen monitors, these two halfs of a panorama could be something for you ;o)
Here's the other half to complete the whole panorama.
Thanks to all who view and comment!
standing on the edge............. by fogz
..........Curbar Edge in Calver Derbyshire and one of the many views along this stretch of rocky landscape looking down across the countryside which seems to go on for ever, ever, ever that an echo?? I think this is widescreen size or thereabouts! :)
Moonlit World by nmsmith
Version 2 of "It's a Green World." Playing with color and texture. This is a widescreen version. Enjoy.
Bankers Hall Lightning Strike (Widescreen) by cristovao12
The clarity isn't great but it's hard to capture lightning during the day. The heavy downpour didn't help much either but after approximately 130 shots at exposures between 4-8 seconds, this was one (and the best) of four lightning captures. (taken with an Olympus E500 using the Zuiko 40-150mm kit lens at 40mm focal length, f22, ISO-100 with a 4 second exposure)
Who needs widescreen? by MarLin
This panorama photo is taken way up in the north of Sweden at a place called Stora sjöfallet.
Desktop Variation I by nmsmith
I was playing around with a theme and came up with five variations. I hope you enjoy them all. They're originally 1920x1200 widescreen desktp wallpapers - so they have a border in the 1600x1200 version. Here's a link to the widescreen version of this one.
Courtyards at Buckcreek by SatCom
This is the small front yard of one of the Cottages at Buckcreek. Taken a while back, but worked on today. Post work done in PS Elements with a bit of Orton's for effect.All comments and any suggestions are always needed......PS My Foofy Friday on a Saturday. and I'm still waiting on my Foofy number...LOL I hope this come out looking ok...I keep forgetting I have a widescreen with the digital turned up a bit.
widescreen flower too by gaeljet2
tell me
Desktop Variation II by nmsmith
I was playing around with a theme and came up with five variations. I hope you enjoy them all. They're originally 1920x1200 widescreen desktp wallpapers - so they have a border in the 1600x1200 version. Here's a link to the widescreen version.
Lake Como Panorama (widescreen) by tbhunter
Another one to add to the Lake Como set. Hope you like it.
Western Australian Spring by Samatar
A selection of some of the photos taken on my recent trip to Margaret River. Widescreen version.

From left to right: Meelup beach; New Holland Honeyeater on grass tree flower stalk, Bunker Bay lighthouse; Eucalyptus leaves; Sand dune, Canal Rocks; Lichen covered boulder, Bunker Bay. Background: Tree branch, bunker Bay.

Available for purchase here.

More images and prints available in my Deviant art and Redbubble galleries.
Fractal Spiral by Tzorben
Well, it wouldn't be a fractal gallery without a spiral - so here is mine. Done in Fractal Explorer with no post processing.
See the widescreen version here
Mid-Flight 2 (Widescreen) by cristovao12
Same bird species, different side of the pond, better capture depending on your opinion. (Taken with an Olympus E500, 150mm, f5.6, 1/320 sec., ISO-100, EC -0.7 step.)
North Georgia in the fall by ngtflyer
This picture was taken from a rural road out in the country in North Georgia. Cropped to 16x10 for you widescreen folks. Enjoy!
Webb Variation by Tzorben
Fractal Explorer.
See the widescreen version here
Jewel by nmsmith
Playing around still! Hope you enjoy. I have a widescreen version of this, too (1920x1200) that you can get at this LINK.
River Walk #5 by tigger3
This is part of my River Walk Series. I did not post it earlier because I just did not like the way it looked. After resizing for WideScreen I saw much improvement so I was ready to share it with you. You can view the previous posts Here Best if viewed full screen. sandi ♪ ♫
No title (Widescreen) by Tzorben
After I bought a new computer I have started to convert all my desktop wallpapers to widescreen.
You can see the normal screen version here.
This one is made with Fractal Explorer (no post processing).
You can buy a print of this at RedBubble.
Yet Another Spiral (Widescreen) by Tzorben
Fractal Explorer.
See the normal screen version here
Hewenden Viaduct (widescreen) by jeenie11
our first stop on the Nigel Tour. we had a nice long stop at this picturesque spot. enjoy! thanks in advance for any comments.
Elegant Evening II by nmsmith
If you're interested, there is a 1920x1200 widescreen monitor version of this at this LINK. Hope you enjoy!
Western Australian Spring (wide) by Samatar
The widescreen version. See here for the standard res version and info on the photos.

Available for purchase here.

More images and prints available in my Deviant art and Redbubble galleries.
Mirror Lake by slybri
This is one of my shots from the Northumberland Lights series, I had a bit of a tinker in photoshop and duplicated the top half of the image to create this mirror effect, I also ran a couple of filters to give the effect of water in the reflection. I have added a small border at the bottom of the picture so it can be used as a widescreen desktop. All comments welcomed.
Woohoo by fra99y
Couldnt think of a name for it ! BUT its perfect on my 22 widescreen desktop ! Hope you like as much as me :)
The Early Bird by Mythmaker
At the time I took this shot I thought this was a magpie but as I worked on the photo that profile looks more like some kind of Kestrel or other bird of prey to me. The Australian Kestrel is pretty common in these parts. This is a sunrise not a sunset. I cheated on this one, the original photo was cropped to suit my old screen, I wanted to change the aspect ratio for my new widescreen but didn't want to lose much from top or bottom via a crop, so I used the perspective tool to "stretch" the left side of the photo. If I didn't tell you you wouldn't know. :) Worth playing with, the perspective tool. I hope you enjoy the final result as much as I do.


Winter Garden Gate by nmsmith
Playing with fractals and photoshop - hope you enjoy. For widescreen monitors - 1920x1200.
No title by Tzorben
I think that fractals are perfect for desktop backgrounds. Even though they may not be Art, they are still nice to look at.
This one is made with Fractal Explorer (no post processing).
You can buy a print of this at RedBubble.
You can see the widescreen version here.
Spectral by nmsmith
This image is photoshop play entirely, using styles and blending modes. The leather is created from the render clouds filters, then layered and colored. Also the texture is from the same render clouds filters used in the texturizer filter. The highlights on the main jewel are photoshop lens flares that have been distorted using the warp command. I hope you enjoy the image. If you'd like a widescreen version, please visit
Rainbow Over the Tower (Widescreen) by cristovao12
This is a shot I took from my balcony after an intense rain storm last summer. Not the brightest rainbow but it was situated nicely. I took this with a FujiFilm FinePix A345 4.1MP digital camera. (Also available in 4x3 ratio)
The Starling by danika
A Europian Starling calling for his mate in one of my damaged pine trees. This year they decided to nest at my place & the one's not nesting have destroyed most of the Robin's nests / eggs. I don't mind these birds though as they put on a pretty good show from time to time.

Used the Sigma 150-500mm with the Nikon D300. Focal length = 500mm. I believe this was taken on a rare sunny bright day.

My new 20' widescreen PC monitor has a recommended resolution of 1600 x 900. It's difficult sometimes formatting / cropping images, so you may see some odd sizes until I get use to it.

Thanks for your view / comments.

Celtic Christmas by nmsmith
May today bring you peace and fulfillment. Have a great one! If you'd like a 1920x1200 widescreen version of this, please use this LINK.
Abstract That Looks Like Something by Tzorben
Fractal Explorer - nothing else.

See the widescreen version here
Bubble Machine by jswgpb
and nooooo it's not Mr. Welk either. Got a new upload page since I've been here........I like my LOW c-index myself. ROFL Got the new puter already and it's grand......the new LCD widescreen really shows me how crappy my art's been. :) I'll see if I can change that. I'll be around and the new system is very fast but a little tricky to figure out.....I'm gettin' it though. Thanks for the looks. J
Hoover Dam (Widescreen) by cristovao12
Another shot from my 2005 trip to Las Vegas. This is the damn dam (I'm sorry...I couldn't resist.) (Taken with a 35mm Minolta Maxxum 4000si)
Pick and Fill widescreen by mout12
Desert crevices with a hole and a pyramid and some water.
Lake Panorama 2 by boremachine
If you own two widescreen monitors, these two halfs of a panorama could be something for you ;o)
Here's the other half to complete the whole panorama.
Thanks to all who view and comment!
Conwy Harbwr.............. by fogz
..........just close your eyes and go back three weeks and here we are again in Wales :) The title is the Welsh name and the one that should be used. The English name is Conway Harbour and if you are in the US, then Conway Harbor! A colleague requested a picture of boats, so here it is. The size is widescreen (I think!)
Blue Diagonal:Rework. by Mythmaker
Lauren (NuclearDaydream) posted half of this recently as Blue Diagonal. I loved the geometry and the colour so much I just had to play with it. Lauren graciously allowed me to post my result as a rework. I straightened up the lines in the original so it was squarer, which I needed for my next step. Copied, cropped, laid back to back to get a wide enough image for a desktop for my widescreen. Bump mapped to add a bit of grungy texture. Messed with the colours via layer modes and colour balance, also for the grunge factor but not wanting to lose the original feel. I hope I made the most of the widescreen potential in Lauren's excellent original.



Orbits II - Collaboration with Eric Webb by nmsmith
A friend of mine on DeviantArt, Eric Webb, asked if I would be willing to do a collaboration piece with him, based on his image The Star Jewel. This is version 2. We hope you enjoy both of them. There is a widescreen (1920x1200) version of this too.
Fractal Gold VII by nmsmith
Have a most wonderful day! Here's a 1920x1200 widescreen desktop wallpaper.
The Pacific (widescreen) by tbhunter
I didn't think this was a very good shot, but a friend of mine said she really like it. Hope you do to. P.S. Taken at Mt Tam. And the two sides of the panorama were actually taken 15 minutes apart.
Chinese-looking Wallpaper Pattern (dark version) by Tzorben
This was made entirely with Fractal Explorer. In the infinity area of the fractal I used a smaller version as a texture. That smaller version also had an even smaller version as texture and so on and so on...
You can buy a print of this at RedBubble.
See the widescreen version here
a little orange by cdxx
found this tiny flower in central park. there isn't much for scale in my macro shots, but this flower would have been covered by a pencil eraser. thought I'd try some widescreen images and see what everyone thought.
Mid-Flight 1 (Widescreen) by cristovao12
Went biking last weekend and captured this little fella mid-flight at Allen Bill on the Elbow River in Kananaskis, Alberta. Anyone know what kind of bird this is? (Taken with an Olympus E500 at 150mm, f6.3, 1/400, ISO-100)
Winter Ethereal by Jay_Underwood
okay, okay.. You know I had to make a widescreen version. This will be the last of it's kind. Enjoy.
A Light to Guide Me by nmsmith
Playing with Stock.xchng photos that had no restrictions on their use - I wanted to experiment with some photos and turn them into something beautiful and entirely different. I hope you think I accomplished that in this image. Have a wonderful day! I mean that sincerely. You can get a widescreen 1920x1200 version of this at
The Viewing by nmsmith
I created this as a 1920x1200 widescreen desktop wallpaper. This is a combination of a number of techniques. I first started by doing multiple gradients in Photoshop with the blend mode option set to difference. I then layered Tierazon and ChaosPro fractals over this, coloring and blending to get the right effects. Finally I added the orb and jewels and silver. Hope you enjoy. If you'd like to get the widescreen version, click here.
Stained Glass Design April 22 by nmsmith
There were a lot of variations to this one, so it was hard to pick one to post. I hope you enjoy it. This is designed for widescreen monitors, but it also looks OK if you stretch it to fit a standard monitor size.
Iris by nmsmith
Doodling again. If you'd like a widescreen version (1920x1200), you can get one at my gallery on DA.
Lake Mead, AZ by rawtsn
Lake Mead is behind Hoover Dam on the Colorado River as it exits the Grand Canyon. Taken an hour or so before sunset while flying into Lost Wages; the far shore is Nevada. (tried a widescreen format here; f2.8, 1/500th)
Na Pali Coastline (Widescreen) by tbhunter
On Kauai, Hawai'i. Taken in the late afternoon when the sun was shining on it. I thought it came out nice but maybe not a great panorama because it doesn't take up enough of screen.
The Road Out Of Vegas (Widescreen) by cristovao12
Another pic from my 2005 trip to Las Vegas. This is the highway heading West out of Vegas en route to Red Rock Canyon. (Taken with a Minolta Maxxum 4000si film SLR. Also available in 4x3 ratio)
The path (into widescreen) by Mauntnbeika
This is a trial. I tried to integrate the shot into a surrounding area which gives enough place to place all the icons. It should also fit the widescreen aspect. What do you think, is it suitable? I'm quite unsure.
Passion by nmsmith
I just noticed we can load widescreen wallpaper images! :) (dances a jig) This is a Xaos fractal manipulated in Photoshop. Hope you enjoy. Have a wonderful day!
Blue Danube by boremachine
Another try in IR, here you can see a similar view Sabine (Blumie) posted some time ago.
Made in 16:10 for those widescreen monitors out there ;o)
Hope you enjoy it!
Cape Cod, the Beach at by SoulWeb
Took this picture as the sun was going down. Kind of drab, but it makes a great desktop. Like looking out a car window. And if you have a laptop w/ a widescreen this works very well. Hope you enjoy.
The Mathematical Tree at Night by Tootles
Apophysis v. 2.06c beta - I rendered it in widescreen but it probably should have been a 1600 x 1200 image. It had a little postwork in Photoshop Elements, but not much at all. Time I got some sleep, but it's nice to think of that tree nodding and whispering out there...

EDIT: This one is flawed; due to be deleted soon. A re-render can be found here, though in a different resolution.
Ladner Street Floral Display by Con_
Ladner, BC Canada When I was visiting the Antique Car show I noticed this display and made a mental note that I should return to get a shot on a less busy day. The deed is done! Cropped from 2272x1704 to give a widescreen (1680x1050 ratio) image.
ws Vista Blue - Fractal by 011art
Widescreen wallpaper
Amsterdam Central Station by Paul_Gerritsen
One of the most stricking buildings in Amsterdam is the place where most tourists arrive: Central station. If you happen to have a widescreen monitor, like I do, you may appreciate this photo even better. Sometimes I wish we could have a widescreen gallery here at Caedes, because it is often a shame to crop away so much of the photo's. Anyway, enjoy!
Power II by nmsmith
Hope this finds you well, happy, and having a wonderful day! This is a 1600x1200 version of a widescreen desktop wallpaper I designed over the weekend. If you'd like the widescreen version - here's a LINK to it. An unlimited-time commercial right to create scarves from this image has been purchased by the STDiamond Company in the Ukraine. All other rights to this image are retained by the artist, Nathan Smith. You have permission to use this image for personal use as a desktop wallpaper.
The Mathematical Tree at Night (rework) by Tootles
I discovered a flaw in the original upload of this name, so I'll be deleting that one in a little while. This is a complete re-render from Apophysis 2.06c beta. If there are any flaws in this version, they're not the same ones!

While I was at it, I made a couple of other changes; this is 1600x1200 instead of widescreen format, and... hopefully I'm starting to understand what Purmusic and Laurengary mean by 'depth' and 'making the colours pop'! If anybody wants this in a different size, I can email it to you.
VCM by CraigBot
My Fav Apophysis Fractal. Color mod in CS2. Unfortunatly i used to make pics purely for my personal desktop which is a 1280x768 widescreen on my laptop, hence the need for borders and no 1600x1200 resolution.
Toronto Harbourfront Condos (Widescreen) by cristovao12
Taken at the same time as the Watercolour effected image I've already posted. (Taken with a Fuji FinePix a345. Also available in 4x3)
Snarl by Mythmaker
Old wire and old wood, all snarled up together. This sepia is what comes out of the Canon S3 IS on sepia setting, not bad really. Cropped for widescreen, anticipating the arrival of my own new computer and screen. :)



Crowded by superman_online
Enjoy. O f course widescreen Comments would be great
Golden Times by superman_online
I was just making an image but not finished yet. I zoomed in accidently for found this great image. Widescreen of course
coldgold by kungfool
This is my first submission to I used Bryce 5.5. The rounded cube shape is my favorite, and I like minimalistic wallpapers, so I came up with this. Please let me know what you think. Also, my wallpaper was designed for widescreen, if you're interested here is the original: (too big to submit to
The Window by lovestoned
Another of my widescreen sized pictures.
Autumn by Samatar
Well this is my personal favorite, I hope you like it also. BTW I have this plus winter and spring in widescreen format if anyone wants them.

More images and prints available in my Deviant art and Redbubble galleries.
Plasma Star by lotuselan
An enhanced, widescreen version of one of my older fractals.
Yet Another Spiral: New Zoom by Tzorben
This a different zoom on my old Yet Another Spiral. See the widescreen version here
Ocean Calderas In Fayal (Widescreen) by cristovao12
From my 2004 trip to the Acores, Portugal. This is the result of volcanic eruptions. One of my favourite pics from that trip (more to come). (Taken with a Minolta Maxxum 4000si film SLR. Also available in 4x3 ratio)
Z Emerge by mout12
Emerging Zune in a large bubble! 1680x1050 widescreen version at
Fractal Gold VIII by nmsmith
Hope you enjoy this. It's another widescreen 1920x1200 wallpaper.
STS-118: Departure. by philcUK
Back dropped by Earth's horizon and the blackness of space, the ISS appears to be very small as Endeavour departs from the station. Endeavour's vertical stabilizer and orbital manoeuvring system are seen in the ‘foreground’. I have modified the original NASA shot considerably by altering the positions to fit the widescreen format and refining the horizon line on the planet. Colour and contrast have both been ramped up as well as extra detail been restored back into the bleached out and blurred station. Software used, as usual, is Adobe CS3, Noise Ninja and DFT 55mm filters.

Credit: NASA/JPL.
CN Tower (Widescreen) by cristovao12
From September 2006 on my visit back home to Toronto, Ontario. (Taken with a Fuji FinePix a345. Also available in 4x3 aspect ratio by request)
We Have Landing by superman_online
Playing around with meshes customized it abit. I hope you like it. And widescreen
Chinese-looking Wallpaper Pattern (dark widescreen) by Tzorben
This was made entirely with Fractal Explorer. In the infinity area of the fractal I used a smaller version as a texture. That smaller version also had an even smaller version as texture and so on and so on...

You can buy a print of this at RedBubble.

See the normal screen version here