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Clear For Take Off ! by amanzat
I might just add it to the current contest..."Depth Of Field" Enjoy! Adriana
Curves 2 by nmsmith
Nothing is as exquisite, I think, as the beautiful curves of flower petals with sunlight playing through them. This is my second entry into the curves contest. Hope you enjoy. Photo taken with Canon Digital Rebel XTi with a 75-300mm telephoto lens. The soft focus is partly depth of field, but also using OnOneSoftware's focalpoint1 photoshop plugin (see
Station steps by Leahcim_62
The steps that lead up to Durham station... I was out taking pics & noticed the lighting on the steps leading to the station building in silhouette against the night sky. Not the deepest depth of field, but I just liked something about it. My contribution into the current contest anyway... Hope you like it :))
April Evening #3 by SEFA
Just before sunset the sun painted the bare trees in a beautiful orange color. This is my entry for the Depth of field contest.

All comments are most welcome. I thank you in advance for taking the time. Always greatly appreciated!

Drops on a Petal by gr8fulted
Shot this rhododendron petal right after a rain storm. This is my entry in the Depth of Field contest.
Grim up North 2 by J_E_F
I know the contest is for 'depth of field', so I tweaked the idea and went with 'depth of sky'. It was the whisp of smoke from stack that caught my eye, with an industrial steely grey sky above.
Green Close Up by Heroictitof
This my entry for the depth of field contest. This shot was taken in my garden. Spring is here, at last !! Thanks for viewing !!
Rapeseed field (6) by Genver
I took this rapeseed field photo today,the sun was hazy and there was a bit of wind,i could not get another view as there were electric poles and cables.For information,i put my photo "Red and yellow tulip" in the "Depth of Field" contest.

Thank you for viewing and commenting,it is really appreciated.

Promise of things to come by rcit
My entry into the Depth of Field Contest
Cinco de Mayo by connodado
I wanted to enter this image in the depth of field contest but could not figure out how to enter the contest. This image may not be good enough to enter it anyway. It is festive though. :) Found out how to enter the contest. I hope you all like it! connodado
Reaching Up by prashanth
Took this photo today at the park infront of my house. The kid was busy with playing while kids mother was watching from a distance. I sneaked up to get this shot, for me the kids expression is just priceless. What do you think?

This is my entry to the current "Depth of Field" contest.

All comments and critiques welcome
Midwest Depth-of-Field by Chipola1972
This is my entry for the "Depth of Field" contest. I was trying to use manual settings on a new camera to see if I was setting depth of field properly. Does my head in the picture detract? Probably. West-Central Illinois, October, 2008.
Keeping Watch by danika
Depth of Field (DOF) is dependent on 3 factors ... Aperature, Focal Length, & Lens to Subject Distance. A person can make gradual adjustments to one of the factors or a combination of two ... perhaps all three. This image was created using Focal Length (200mm) & Lens to Subject Distance. Simply by changing your angle & moving forward or backward ... it will change the appearance of the image. I like how the background (building) is slightly blurred, but one can yet make out the soft detail. I love experimenting with DOF for different subjects. Sometimes I'm surprised by the end results.

This is my entry for the "Depth OF Field" contest. Other than some minor adjustments I painted / cloned in quite a bit of the lower left of the building as that part was taken over by a great deal of shadows. I tried to make it as realistic as possible.

Thanks much for your views / comments. Image taken at Pier A / Merchant Mariners Memorial ~ Battery Park, NYC.