Contest Results: Decay & Dereliction

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Ended 03/21/18 9:15 PM GMT
Winner: JaiJoli (See the full results)

1st place
Dereliction by JaiJoli

mesmerized: Might be?...would make an excellent the angle, textures, lighting, and shadows...great of luck should this be your entry.

Nikoneer: Sooooo many textures in here, and I do like how one of those hopper style windows is open in the distance, breaking up the flat planes a little. And yes, definitely one that fits the contest theme. bd Two thumbs up!


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2nd place
A Bit Worn Out by Vickid

tigger3: It sure is worn out, and the aging process can be seen so well, this would be a good entry for the contest Vicki. tigs=^..^=

0930_23: I love all the textures and the history behind this one Vicki. The gate seems out of place. I agree with John about all the shapes.
Good one for the contest should you decide to use it.


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3rd place
Composition of Decomposition by gr8fulted

icedancer: Marvelous composition and rich colours plus detail - what a breath taking view of Mt. Hood and the snow making it really stand out

Dunstickin: Well done for 3rd place was one I voted on!...

0930_23: Good work and congrats on the 3rd place finish.

4th place
Dereliction at Grove Rake Mine by Dunstickin

GomekFlorida: Good job with the 4th place!

Nikoneer: Holy Mackinoly, this isn't just dereliction, Bob, it's destruction on a large scale. Someone has obviously expended energy to destroy those fixtures on the right and from the condition of the floor I'd say the maid certainly hasn't been in all week. A great one for the contest.


5th place
Dilapidation by jerseygurl

rozem061: I wonder why you not took a shot of the abondoned "complete" barn, Laura.
I M H opinion it looks better on the photo with the complete roof on the top.
Anyway wish you good luck in the current contest !