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Ended 03/21/19 4:15 PM GMT
Winner: rozem061 (See the full results)

1st place
Suspicious by rozem061

corngrowth: John, congratulations for winning the 'Animals' contest.
Very well done, my friend!

rozem061: Thanks for the "fave", Vicki
Very much appreciated
Kind regards !

tigger3: This is such a different capture, I think this is so cool, and I predict it will do well in the contest. tigs=^..^=

rozem061 received a 2 month membership in the Caedes Cadre.

2nd place
Red Crested Pochard.... by biffobear

corngrowth: Richie, congratulations for your second place in the 'Animals' contest.
Well done!

LynEve: Everyone else has said it for me - a splendid photo

0930_23: Congrats on your 2nd place win, Count.
Great entry.

trixxie17: Such a great focus on the head and eye!

biffobear received a 1 month membership in the Caedes Cadre.

3rd place
King Kong by LynEve

Dunstickin: 3 different movies made of this...and I enjoyed every one.

Ramad: 6 to 15 times the strength of a grown up man! Nice and sharp shot and an apt movie title too.

jerseygurl: Congrats, Lyn, on taking 3rd place in the contest!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4th place
Blue by JaiJoli

Vickid: Perfect timing, brings us much joy to view this magnificent creature, Blue is beautiful, and his loving character just shines right through to us.

LynEve: Congratulations on our placement with this endearing photo

5th place
Francis by 0930_23

Flmngseabass: LOL Tick!! Hey, are you following it's directions and if so, are you going up or to the right??:):) I wasn't aware of an animal contest though. Good info for sure:).....I think:*(

Dunstickin: Could be a topic for another Movie..Mr Ed!....

Looks a bit 'Loppy Lugs'..but a great snap...I remember that movie, but it was so long ago