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Ended 08/31/12 1:15 PM GMT
Winner: rozem061 (See the full results)

14 Karat Sunset by 0930_23, photography->sunset/rise gallery Lady's Fingers by Akeraios, photography->flowers gallery Golden Hour, But Smells Sour by lnoyes, photography->sunset/rise gallery
14 Karat Sunset Lady's Fingers Golden Hour, But Smells Sour
Golden Orange by trixxie17, photography->flowers gallery Golden Time of Day by WmC, photography->skies gallery Golden Mirror by japio, photography->landscape gallery
Golden Orange Golden Time of Day Golden Mirror
Golden Hero by rozem061, photography->mills gallery Canyon Sunset by DigiCamMan, photography->landscape gallery Just beyond the Sunset by biffobear, photography->manipulation gallery
Golden Hero Canyon Sunset Just beyond the Sunset
Geese, Geese, And More Geese! by Jimbobedsel, photography->sunset/rise gallery The Redwoods II by nmsmith, photography->landscape gallery The last golden evening by Inkeri, photography->sunset/rise gallery
Geese, Geese, And More Geese! The Redwoods II The last golden evening