Riverbend Overlook  

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Riverbend Overlook
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Ten miles into a fourteen-mile scenic drive, in the north unit of North Dakota's Theodore Roosevelt National Park, a pull-off and small parking lot leads to a trail and that trail leads to this view... of course you have to turn your head 167 degrees from one side to the other to see it. That's what I love about my 8mm Rokinon ultra wide-angle fisheye lens. Without it I would have to resort to stitching photos together and hoping not to collect weird banding in the image. This spot is called "Riverbend Overlook" and, as the name indicates, visitors can see a complete bend of the Little Missouri River, complete with a cottonwood forest (the gold trees) and the full riverbottoms below the surrounding buttes and river escarpment. There is a very well-known (for North Dakotans) and much-photographed CCC shelter here, out on a high point. This photo is shot from the south side of that shelter, the large rock in the bottom right a part of the shelter's wall. Because the sun in October is so much lower in the sky at this latitude, nearly in Canada, I had to wait until a cloud blocked the sun, otherwise the view was rather washed out by the rays slanting down into my lens.


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