The Tangled Fibres Of Life  

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Uploaded: 07/27/06 10:55 AM GMT
The Tangled Fibres Of Life
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To me this represents the tangled lines of life, you never know where they start or where they end, some are easy to follow some are just a complete mess... Enjoy


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07/27/06 11:24 AM GMT
A great colourful image Jacqueline and I like your description and title. Life may get tangled but there is always some sort of symmetry there, just as in your image.
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07/27/06 1:12 PM GMT
Gosh...I NEVER, NEVER see anything like this when I try an apop image!!!!!! GRRRRR!
This is stunning and so detailed! Why dontcha do everyone a favor....and post a step by step tutorial!!!!!????? :) Yes...I have seen tutorials but never get anywhere on them...:(
I love your title...and think I see some of the messy places I have traveled in there....:)
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07/27/06 1:31 PM GMT
This is awesome, Jacqueline. Have a wonderful day, my friend.
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07/27/06 3:58 PM GMT
Very nice AB and the colour is great. I'll tell ya one thing you got that life thing
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07/27/06 4:25 PM GMT
very pleasing to the eye, and i love the color selection. beyond that, i wouldnt begin to know how to comment
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07/27/06 6:03 PM GMT
WAY cool flame Lady J-
might be messy and all tangled up but it looks like a very colorful life... Most excellent image hon...Mr Bill
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Life may not be the party we hoped for...but as long as were here, we may as well dance...
07/27/06 7:57 PM GMT
I like it, Jaqueline. Great colours. Also, all the directions I am heading at any given moment, are right there. Unfortunately, it's only my language, that's colourful.
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07/27/06 11:05 PM GMT
This is very cool!! Great work!!
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07/27/06 11:19 PM GMT
Now just hold on there gal...I got a road map of this. Ya know, to life. Now where did I put that down...well, I'll look for it.

Super slashin' colors!! Hooray!!
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07/28/06 2:15 AM GMT
Very cool Jac! Onceagainyour words ring true. You certainly never know where life will take you, do you? ;)
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"Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot, others transform a yellow spot into the sun -Pablo Picasso My Gallery
07/28/06 3:23 AM GMT
Nice...I know how you did this. You had your finger in a light socket while it rendered. What you don't do for us...thanks.
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07/28/06 4:09 AM GMT
Very cool work Jacqueline ! I love this different design & sharp lines ! And your gradient is just perfect for this...showing lots of sharp lines & paths ! Well done hon ! ;o)
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07/28/06 11:17 AM GMT
Jacqueline, an eye-catching design and I love the title. - Patty
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It's all about perspective and perception.
07/28/06 9:45 PM GMT
great colors and great depth here jacqueline! such a pretty fractal, and i love the description that goes with it! wtg. carol
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07/29/06 12:21 AM GMT
Great detail and awesome colors!! ;)
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07/30/06 1:58 AM GMT
This is awesome Jacqueline Excellent work I like the motion in the image and the flow of the colours. Excellent work
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07/31/06 11:51 PM GMT
waaaaah! I got my claws all tangled in the threadies. helllllllllllllllllllp! 8(
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08/08/06 9:21 AM GMT
Now I LOVE this!!! the feel of a bit of spikeyness of life and the colours of a bit of confusion and laughter...well, all of lifes feelings seem to enter here. I like it!!..verena
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09/06/06 4:33 PM GMT
What a beauty! It looks like neo-expressionism, which I love. I love the colors and the dynamic movements. A fave for me. :)
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02/28/07 6:13 PM GMT
Strange how beautiful the right kind of mess can be, isn't it?

- cfr
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05/16/10 2:43 PM GMT
Beautiful colors, interesting lines and patterns you have created..I like the stair step effect.
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