Red Planet  

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Uploaded: 02/26/07 10:18 AM GMT
Red Planet
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This I made in "Flaming Pear". Hope you like it. Thanks to all who view and comment. I really do appreciate it.


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02/26/07 11:33 AM GMT
~slips on the powder blue disco jumpsuit~

Awesome!! Let's get down 'n' boogie!! *~D
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02/26/07 2:05 PM GMT
This is fun! Very nice job. I like the twinkly stars.
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02/26/07 2:11 PM GMT
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02/26/07 2:42 PM GMT
Fantastic rays. I assume there's a sun behind the planet?. Nice stars, too. I don't like the planet much, but I'm not sure exactly what to suggest about it. There are some very good tutorials out there on planet making. There are also plug-ins which can reduce the work a bit. At least, there are for Gimp. Not sure about Photoshop (or, at least, not sure if they would be free in that case). Just a thought - you might want to look into it when you have time if you're interested in doing planets...

Would make a very pretty desktop, though I see it more as a red sun than a red planet (although that isn't quite right either). It might be an incredible deep-space flower - all made of light. Or maybe that just is a sun?

It is great to see you trying so many things and to see how well you're doing with them!

- cfr
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02/26/07 4:08 PM GMT
Whoa, Mariana! That's wild and wonderful! Love that red and it really does look like a planet I've never seen before, but it may be out there to take Pluto's place!
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02/26/07 7:06 PM GMT
Very cool looking Mariana! Great colors, and it really jumps out at you especially at full screen. Nice job!
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02/26/07 8:06 PM GMT
Wonderful fractal..Nice colors..Superb work..Love it..
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02/26/07 10:46 PM GMT
Very nice, a good job.
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02/27/07 3:56 AM GMT
Nice work, Mariana Very explosive, dynamic composition - R
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02/27/07 2:10 PM GMT
I love it! Very well done
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02/27/07 6:57 PM GMT
I think it's super..I really like the shocking feel of that vibrant color and it looks like a heavenly body of some sort to me. I like it.


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02/28/07 7:15 PM GMT
I really love this! It's so bright and celestial! The stars are very nice, too.
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03/03/07 9:49 PM GMT
Sweetness!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice job, Mariana!!!!!!!!!!

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03/09/07 7:20 PM GMT
into faves and RUNNING!
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...of all the things i've lost... i miss my mind the LEAST!

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