Flame Fractal  

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Uploaded: 07/12/05 8:44 PM GMT
Flame Fractal
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07/12/05 9:27 PM GMT
woah, Im not a fan of fractals...but wow, this is amazing!
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07/12/05 10:42 PM GMT
that is nice. Good work.
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07/13/05 2:06 AM GMT
VERY nice! High marks from this Apophysis fan!
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07/13/05 6:34 AM GMT
WOW!!! Yes, indeed it is. Looks almost real. 10/10 and thanks for sharing :)
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07/13/05 9:30 PM GMT
This is one gerat fire.. Love it..
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07/27/05 5:47 PM GMT
Nice work.. keep it up :)
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08/15/05 6:06 AM GMT
that's very creative =)
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09/03/05 6:54 PM GMT
Another great fractal. 10/10.
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09/06/05 2:41 AM GMT
Very cool, it almost appears to be 3d, tufted flames, if that makes any sense, LOL!
Keep up the great work!
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09/14/05 11:29 AM GMT
ARG APOPHYSIS!!!! The evil spawn from the fractal generation world! Neato! It's really neat and kinda reminds me of those tiny magnetic pieces they used to make us play with in elementary school.
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01/03/06 3:52 PM GMT
Nice picture keep up the good work
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05/14/06 6:36 PM GMT
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06/08/06 12:34 AM GMT
I seen alot of fractals, but by far this one is my fav.
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"Big fat hairy deal" garfield
08/31/06 3:02 PM GMT
Wow, burn me please. Great flame...
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09/04/06 8:19 PM GMT
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09/26/06 6:16 PM GMT
one to keep warm by! fantastic! :)
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10/11/06 2:29 PM GMT
very nice fire !
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do it
10/24/06 10:45 PM GMT
Wow I really like this! It's amazing what you can create with fractals...Nice job!
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The world would be a lot simpler with out Paris Hilton.
10/24/06 11:53 PM GMT
Very nice, I can almost feel the heat!
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Don Haney | Mt. Vernon Studios | |
10/24/06 11:59 PM GMT
~found on FI and had to comment~

Nice flippin' flame!! HOTT!!
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Picture Purrrfect . A purrrfect world is what we all want, but, seems too unobtainable. If I've viewed and commented on your post, and you liked my remarks then NO THANKS is needed...just getting to see your wonderful work is thanks enough for me!! Also BIG thanks to all who check out my work!! I appreciate any and all comments & feedback!!
11/06/06 4:04 PM GMT
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03/11/07 8:12 PM GMT
Pheonomenal! Just realistic!!
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06/06/07 3:33 AM GMT
Love it. Amazing how much depth you get on your fractals.
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08/17/07 2:10 PM GMT
wow that is AMAZING it is so creative
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10/10/07 3:26 PM GMT
A stunning fractal! Well done, great render.
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10/10/07 3:30 PM GMT
Very awesome!! Such an excellent picture..i really like looks so real!! Well done!!
Caz =)
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Today Is That Tomorrow We Worried About Yesterday...
02/10/09 3:28 AM GMT
really really of the best fractals I have seen.
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