Bright & Bold  

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Uploaded: 02/22/13 4:10 AM GMT
Bright & Bold
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My submission for the current "What Is It?" contest may be something you can identify, in a general sense, but it will take someone with a specific interest or occupation to figure out exactly to what purpose this object is used. When the contest is closed to entries and voting has begun, I will submit a full size image of this device.


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02/22/13 4:30 AM GMT
I have no idea, a very good contest entry Nik.
Tigs♥ =^..^=
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
02/22/13 6:56 AM GMT
It reminds me of some kind of church bell contraption. Nice shot.
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02/22/13 1:22 PM GMT
Did I hear chimes? I'm really not sure. Good entry.
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02/22/13 3:02 PM GMT
A really attractive burst of metallic colour.
The dangly bits look like weights so guessing some sort of weighing equipment.
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02/22/13 8:58 PM GMT
It has something to do with Christmas .. maybe..Wonderful entry,Nik.
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02/22/13 9:27 PM GMT
Well, I'm guess it's so type of old weights for a grocery to use.

Super entry and Good Luck
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02/22/13 10:49 PM GMT
To me it looks like wind chimes made out of bells. Lovey shot, whatever it is. Good luck!
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02/22/13 11:59 PM GMT
Pretty sure it's a set of door bells. You know, the kind that ring when a door is opened. lol This is a really cool shot. I'm gonna guess taken with a prime lens considering the depth of field. :-)
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02/23/13 12:06 AM GMT
There's ringing in my ear, Nik. But, I'm not sure why. A good entry. Thad
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If I could tell the story in words, I wouldn't need to lug around a camera. ~Lewis Hine The Earth without art is just 'eh'.
02/23/13 10:00 AM GMT
Have no idea what it is but color and compostition spot on.

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The reason why the sun sets in the evening is because it wants to see the sunrise in the morning. I rise in the morning because I want to see them both. RvdB
02/23/13 12:12 AM GMT
looks like kind of an instrument or windchimes maybe....fantastic picture...Ro
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let me keep my eyes open, let me see the beauty
02/26/13 6:25 AM GMT
Bold and beautiful! I have no idea what it might be, but I like it a lot! I like the brassy color and the lighting. Great shot Nik, best of luck to you in the contest:)
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02/27/13 3:45 AM GMT
Not sure but it's a great shot and entry.
Good Luck.
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02/27/13 3:53 AM GMT
This is something I hope I don't hit my noggin on in the middle of the night and awaken the entire household. Clearly it's a burglar alarm. A good capture of this bold and brassy image. Nice focus work in the photo. Best of luck in the contest.
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03/03/13 11:36 PM GMT
SHEWWWWW! Gets my vote! I have no clue and the curse is not helping me! The colors are outstanding!
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03/09/13 5:24 PM GMT
Congrats on your win nice work.

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The reason why the sun sets in the evening is because it wants to see the sunrise in the morning. I rise in the morning because I want to see them both. RvdB
03/10/13 1:22 AM GMT
Congrats for your entry placement.
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Life's moments are sweet. I just want to capture all that I can of them.
03/10/13 8:30 AM GMT
Congratulations on the contest placing. Great entry.
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