Four-Alarm Fire!  

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Uploaded: 06/23/16 7:54 PM GMT
Four-Alarm Fire!
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Four fire trucks? Packed that close together en route? Mmmmmm, naaah. Just the same fire truck. I was setting up to shoot something else, from atop my ladder, when I heard the sirens and knew what was coming (I was a fireman in my younger days) so I just started firing away with my Canon (please excuse the poor quality). Too bad I didn't have this earlier; I always seem to find just the right shot (for me anyway, not the voters) after a contest is closed (last night in Bismarck, ND).


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06/23/16 8:56 PM GMT
A day late, and a dollar short I think Nik. This would have been a good one for the contest. tigs=^..^=
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06/23/16 10:57 PM GMT
"I always seem to find just the right shot (for me anyway, not the voters) after a contest is closed..." Yup, I've been there too many times, too! A creative shot with the four images of the passing fire engine.
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06/24/16 9:07 AM GMT
A good night shot though, 'Nik'. Have downloaded it. It's now in my archive under 'BCE' (Belated Contest Entries) together with some of Thad's images (see his above comment), lol!
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06/24/16 10:57 PM GMT
You are very good at night shots. This is one of them.
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06/26/16 10:03 PM GMT
Interesting setup.You will have time soon to improve technique. We expect it and look forward to seeing new ones.
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06/29/16 11:38 PM GMT
Fabulous action and colours in this night shot and love the colour of that sky - wow
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