Sioux Falls Mist  

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Uploaded: 05/10/18 6:00 AM GMT
Sioux Falls Mist
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Shot with my original 5mp Canon P&S camera, back in 2005, the lower resolution in this case rather enhances the mist rising off the pounding water of the Big Sioux River. The bright sun of that morning was diffused a little by thin white clouds, but not so much that the mist didn't glow from the light it was catching. Falls Park, in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, has a footbridge across the water, just behind me in this photo, that leads to the old power plant, now a unique cafe. Another highly recommended spot for a visit, as well as sculpture-filled Phillips Avenue that leads to the park. 5.12-10


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05/10/18 8:30 AM GMT
The background light doesn't deter from the beauty of the falls
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05/10/18 1:25 PM GMT
'Nik', in order to replace the washed out/misty sky, you would have added an artificial one to your photo, but I think you've been wise to leave the sky as it is. It might have been too much of a good thing. Now it doesn't disturb the impressiveness of the scene and goes all the attention to the falls and the environment.
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05/10/18 3:22 PM GMT
I agree that the sky really does not bother me for this one Nik. I sure can feel the power of those falls, I can imagine the sound had to be pretty loud. tigs=^..^=
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
05/10/18 3:38 PM GMT
I find this a remarkable capture, was almost expecting to hear the waterfall. Bravo!
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05/10/18 6:07 PM GMT
Looks very impressive especially with the sun shining on the waterfall.
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05/10/18 11:17 PM GMT
I agree, there is plenty here to capture the attention without more color to the sky...I especially like the rock texture.
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05/11/18 6:28 AM GMT
This is gorgeous Nik. It reminds me of my trip to Niagara Falls. You got a fabulous photo here.
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05/11/18 11:25 PM GMT
Nice shot of the falls! They don't look like anything to mess around with.
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05/13/18 10:18 AM GMT
For sure a Wooowwww... from me.

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05/21/18 5:53 PM GMT
Love water falls and like the rocks and mist above - the sky doesn't bother me either
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