What Shall I Tell These Bones?  

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Uploaded: 09/20/21 11:39 PM GMT
What Shall I Tell These Bones?
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(Whale Bones on the grounds of the Wellfleet MA USA Audobon Society) In the 19th century whales were hunted for their oil which was used to fuel most lamps and even lighthouses. They were also used to make buggy whips, corsets, fishing poles, and for anything that we currently use plastic. Today there only 3 nations that actively whale. Humpbacks of the kind featured in most of the photographs I have taken are increasing their population while there are still many threats and many other species face decline. For more information seeThe New Bedford Whaling Museum and The World Wildlife Fund


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09/21/21 12:29 AM GMT
Paul, certain customs, or rather abuses, are now fortunately obsolete because people have finally come to understand that they were doing something wrong in principle.
Poignant examples of this are slavery and whaling.
In my humble opinion, the 3 countries that are still engaged in whaling may not call themselves civilized nations.
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