427cobraAC's Journal

Catch of the Day II Uploaded: 03/23/10 1:45 AM GMT

Image: Catch of the Day II

While trying to organize all my folders that are scattered around I found this one. It was one of the first pictures I took when I got my new Camera a few years ago, My Nikon D80 and 18-200mm VR lens. There I was in a field walking towards the woods when this Monstrous Dragon flew by me with a fresh kill. I was shocked at first to see it feasting on a Butterfly. I have never seen anything like this since that day. I used a different picture than my first post Catch of the Day and did some editing. I hope you like it.

Detected Uploaded: 09/05/09 9:34 PM GMT

Image: Detected

I was at a friends house this morning cleaning up after a party when we discovered this Preying Mantis. I didn't have my camera equipment so I transported her a few miles back to my house, where I released him in one of my Mom's gardens. I had to do some editing so if you see something please let me know. Thank you for viewing I hope you like this.

Water Dragon Uploaded: 08/16/09 3:10 PM GMT

Image: Water Dragon

It took me a couple days and a few hours of patience to get this picture. The area behind my parent's house has turned into a very nice place for Nature photography. Vernal pools have taken over the dirt bike paths with the help of all this rain we have been getting up here in Massachusetts. This one species caught my eye, with its bluish body and beautifully marked wings. It was hard to get a good picture because they were always moving. Anytime I got close enough to take a picture, the dragonfly would get either spooked by me or provoked by another dragonfly. I had to do some editing, and I hope you like it. Thank you for viewing.

Gluttony Uploaded: 03/12/09 2:51 AM GMT

Image: Gluttony

Last summer I went hiking down some trails by the Charles River and found a field full of milkweed. I got a good number of pictures from that weekend, but I had lost the memory stick. I was very happy to have finally found it and to see all the pictures I had forgotten about. I took this with my D80, 105mm VR at f/11 with a 1/250 sec exp. I hope you like this because spring is hopefully right around the corner.

Queen In Her Dominion Uploaded: 06/14/08 8:54 PM GMT

Image: Queen In Her Dominion

Took a trip over to the Autobahn Society in Norfolk, Ma before I did a little last minute Father's Day shopping. No luck finding any butterflies but there was ample amounts of Dragonflies of all different species. Some didn't mind me and landed close while other species didn't allow me to get close to them at all. This 105mm VR Micro Nikkor takes some really clear crisp shots of small things at a good distance. It has to be in a sunny area so you can use faster shutter speeds, but the VR definitely helps. Most of my shots are free-hand, and I think its a testament to this lens' performance. Thank for viewing, I hope you enjoy it.