Ampelius' Journal

Morning Dew Uploaded: 11/28/12 11:18 AM GMT

Image: Morning Dew

An unedited picture I took awhile back. Just recently found this again, and am glad to share!

Zophiel Uploaded: 10/13/12 6:32 PM GMT

Image: Zophiel

This photo was taken by me, of me. Hope you all enjoy, I felt like playing dress up that day! haha

Reflect Uploaded: 11/04/11 5:59 PM GMT

Image: Reflect

Started as a picture of my street... Then photoshop happened!!

Impostor │ Uploaded: 10/24/11 8:43 PM GMT

Image: Impostor │

Alright, so this is my last version of "Impostor!" Ha! I just can't put this picture down for some reason. Hope you all like it ^^

Impostor ▓ Uploaded: 10/21/11 6:02 PM GMT

Image: Impostor ▓

This is rework of my original non-edited picture "Imposter!". Thought that it would be pretty cool as a manipulation, and this one was quite fun in the making! :) I did my editing using Adobe CS4, rather than using Corel X5, which I am more used to using. Hope you like

Shine the Light Uploaded: 09/24/11 1:57 PM GMT

Image: Shine the Light

Well, I thought that I would take a break from Corel Photo-Paint, and give Adobe Photoshop a try. I am finding that both programs are great, and I had much fun making this image. You know, you do not need to stress yourself sometimes when making an image. I started very simple on this one, and when I mean simple, take a look at this!

That bad image was my first steps in making this :D

Impostor! Uploaded: 08/12/11 11:42 PM GMT

Image: Impostor!

Early in the morning the other day, I was looking at the hibiscus bush in my yard, and on one of it's leaves, I happened to see a "Snowberry Clearwing Moth", not a bumble bee! These types of moths are also called "Hummingbird Moths". They tend to take flight during daylight, and some plants I know of that they like to visit would be, of course the Hibiscus Bush, Coral Honeysuckle, and a Butterfly Bush. They are common in North America. I wish I could have taken better photos, but the moth flew away soon after taking this. What can I say, I am happy with what I got :)

Blue úternity Uploaded: 01/13/11 2:59 AM GMT

Image: Blue úternity

Today, I felt like making my brother (co2metal as he is called on here) mad at me somehow by copying his style of images... I even went as far as using the same sink that he uses in his "water" images! :) So like him, it took me many different pictures of the water from my sink to finally come up with something that I thought was good. This was taken with a "Nikon S710" and edited with Corel Photo-Paint X5. Also, hoped you like my fancy "E" :P

Something Unnoticed Uploaded: 01/08/11 12:31 AM GMT

Image: Something Unnoticed

This is the first image that I uploaded that is not a manipulation. On Christmas, I got my new camera which is the "Nikon S710". Later that Christmas day, I went outside and walked around my yard for some test shots. I thought it could be fun to go to places in my yard that I never think of, places that I hardly look at. I ended up taking about 30 pictures, but this one seemed to be the most boring of all of my shots! So, about a week and a half later, I was watching TV, eating some food and watching my bigger cat bully the smaller cat. Once the cats were done messing with each other, I thought to myself, "Wow, I am REALLLLLY bored now". So I hoped on the computer and looked at some of the pictures that I took, found the worse and most boring picture that I took on Christmas and tried to make it seem nice and wonderful... more colorful. Well thanks for reading my half pointless story. :D Oh, I also used this image in my other manipulation "Another World". Well I hope you like this, because I hated the original, and thought I should print a copy of the picture and burn it! :) Two more things... I noticed what looks like a bug in the snow, so maybe some of you can try to find it and start a big argument on whether it is a bug or not. Also, if this is still boring, at least it does not include an alien world where lightning constantly explodes out of the ground, or my other picture where you can see the lights from a big alien party!

The Balance Uploaded: 01/06/11 2:52 AM GMT

Image: The Balance

This took me awhile to find the right fractals, but once I found them... I had to do some other things and have dinner. Back on topic, went back to my puter, did some editing, and at last I was left with this. :D Made with KPT FraxFlame II

Another World Uploaded: 01/05/11 2:30 AM GMT

Image: Another World

Well, this is not the greatest image... But my main point for this image was to try to make a boring photo of mine and convert it to something exciting. So... I tried to make this look like a photo taken from another planet :p Original photo was taken with a "Nikon S710" Oh, if you look closely, you might see a blue bug. At least that is what I think it is. :}

Alien Party Uploaded: 12/26/10 6:54 PM GMT

Image: Alien Party

Well I walked to my backyard and GUESS WHAT I SAW!!! I was witness to about 70 aliens having a party! They were blasting there music, dancing, giving their friends what I assumed to be food... Then one of the aliens saw me and I ran :) Original picture was taken with a "Nikon S710" fun fact :D