Bursa's Journal

A nice view from a nice cafe. Uploaded: 06/29/12 10:20 AM GMT

Image: A nice view from a nice cafe.

The title says it all. Taken in Gemlik NW Turkey.

Mixture of boats. Uploaded: 09/05/11 9:58 AM GMT

Image: Mixture of boats.

Taken just down the road from where I live in Gemlik NW Turkey. Sorry about the title but I could not think of anything else.

Touch of red Uploaded: 09/03/11 3:54 PM GMT

Image: Touch of red

Taken in down town Montgomery, just loved the oldish architecture and of course the dark red paint job.

Good old English classic Uploaded: 09/01/11 6:36 PM GMT

Image: Good old English classic

Sorry everyone but this is the last car image I will post I promise. Good old Morris Minor, I bought one of these many years ago as my first car.I was very surprised to see this at an American car rally.

Love the shape and lines. Uploaded: 08/18/11 5:19 AM GMT

Image: Love the shape and lines.

I have no idea what car this is, but I had fun photographing some of these cool cars at a small rally. Taken in Montgomery Alabama.

perfect lines! Uploaded: 08/17/11 4:53 AM GMT

Image: perfect lines!

I just love the shape and lines of this pick up. I may be wrong but I think it is an old f150.

Chrome Uploaded: 08/16/11 3:47 AM GMT

Image: Chrome

I am not sure what model this is but the body of the car was bright yellow, thought the chrome needed a BW change to show it of. Hope you like it.

Still in perfect working order! Uploaded: 08/15/11 6:47 AM GMT

Image: Still in perfect working order!

Taken at a car rally in Montgomery Alabama, it runs perfectly.

Still in good working order. Uploaded: 07/19/11 11:37 AM GMT

Image: Still in good working order.

Hope you like the image, I think it makes a cool screen saver as the left hand side is clear for folders.

Blue and green? Uploaded: 06/28/11 12:18 AM GMT

Image: Blue and green?

I am lucky to have this view from my bedroom, the only change I made to the original image was to give a little clarity. Picture taken just outside Gemlik NW Turkey.

House with a view. Uploaded: 02/07/11 1:30 PM GMT

Image: House with a view.

Taken on the road from Gemlik to Kucuk Kumla NW Turkey, every property has the most amazing sea view.

Take a seat 2 Uploaded: 02/03/11 9:24 AM GMT

Image: Take a seat 2

Not the greatest of images I know, but I just loved the sense of isolation. it looks better when viewed at a larger size.

Pure innocence Uploaded: 01/13/11 12:16 AM GMT

Image: Pure innocence

I know it is not the greatest shot but I just want to share an image of my beautiful niece, she is the is always smiling and a joy to see.

sketching Uploaded: 01/05/11 7:06 PM GMT

Image: sketching

Have been searching for an image to get this affect for a long time. Hope you like it.

Ready to pounce Uploaded: 11/27/10 6:43 AM GMT

Image: Ready to pounce

An eager market trader with that million dollar smile and gift of the gab. Bodrum SW Turkey.

Still waters 2 Uploaded: 11/25/10 2:43 PM GMT

Image: Still waters 2

Another image from Gemlik.

Still waters Uploaded: 11/22/10 3:25 PM GMT

Image: Still waters

Taken in Gemlik NW Turkey one early morning, I think it makes a nice screen save.

Well kept woodwork. Uploaded: 08/28/10 12:21 AM GMT

Image: Well kept woodwork.

I just liked the way the light made the woodwork look so crisp and clean.

William would turn in his grave, or would he? Uploaded: 08/16/10 12:40 AM GMT

Image: William would turn in his grave, or would he?

I just loved the name of this cool shop.

Leisure time. Uploaded: 08/16/10 9:04 AM GMT

Image: Leisure time.

This is the beach at Didim a blue flag beach it is between Izmir and Bodrum. As you can see it s very popular the main reason is the gorgeous sand and then the depth of the water is only around 1mtr at its deepest so perfect for children.