FlimBB's Journal

Time Stood Still Uploaded: 03/20/15 6:30 PM GMT

Image: Time Stood Still

This has been a couple of weeks in the works. Bryce/Apophisys/Photoshop. The lighting was the hardest thing to position just right. A spotlight shooting up through the floor created a nice ambience under the clock. A couple of other carefully placed spotlights and strategic global lights. The wisp around the staff was an Apophisys render.


One Ring Uploaded: 08/14/11 12:29 AM GMT

Image: One Ring

"...but they were all deceived, ...there was one other ring made ring to rule them all."

Bryce 7.1 and Photoshop CS.

Thanks to all for the votes and my 5th place win. I feel honored to be included with the other winners who were all excellent. And thanks to all who respond to many of my pestering questions as I learn.

After inquiries as to the font used for this ring, one may find the font freely available here:
Under Free fonts on page 3: Elvish Ring NFI v1.2
I like this particular one because it is actually English if you look. The ring says "One Ring To Rule Them All" followed by my name. The ring construction was done in Bryce 7.1 and the font placed using Photoshop CS, then rasterized with additional inner glow/outer/glow/bevel and a slight drop shadow.

Reflections in Oil Uploaded: 08/24/09 12:21 AM GMT

Image: Reflections in Oil

Playing around in Bryce 5.5 again. This is my first post in quite some time so I hope you all like it. -mike

Spinner Uploaded: 10/28/08 1:06 PM GMT

Image: Spinner

Incendia. Playing with perspectives. View is actually inside the ribbon ball shape with what would probably be a fisheye lens at... say 2mm lol. The render is still a bit rough in spots. Possibly I may let it run another 24 hours at some point when I can spare the machine that long again. Hope you enjoy.

Gyro-Tron Uploaded: 10/27/08 12:41 AM GMT

Image: Gyro-Tron

Incendia again. Today's piece was inspired by the old gyroscopes I played with as a kid. What I like most about it is the inter-weaving of the wires and the ribboned ball. Hope you like it. If interested, there is a good tutorial that Ian put together on Incendia called "Learn how to make this!". You can get that here: Click.

Lake Bed Uploaded: 10/24/07 1:37 PM GMT

Image: Lake Bed

This is my first attempt at a serious Bryce render. Still just playing around really and having fun. Any suggestions or tips for using Bryce 5.5 would be greatly appreciated. hope you like it (odd format though) and thanks for visiting. -mike-

Jelly Fishy Uploaded: 07/16/07 8:16 PM GMT

Image: Jelly Fishy

....(continuing)....Rising toward the surface, surrounded by, and moving with, our sea hair escorts. We notice the ambient light getting encouragingly brighter and a quick glance at my air reveals maybe 2 minutes left. But we are surprisingly calm. I think the sensation of the being ushered along by such a gently moving mass of delicate life had a calming, almost Zen affect on us. And then, some real encouragement at last; we see a, well we guess it is a jellyfish; a surface creature! At least it is jellyfish like. We only need to hold out a short time now..... (to be continued…the conclusion)..... Thanks for looking, and of course, all comments are welcomed.