Jay_Underwood's Journal

Freezing Waters Uploaded: 12/06/10 10:57 PM GMT

Image: Freezing Waters

I seem to have a knack for taking photos, but I can sit here for 20mins and not think of a title for them. Does anyone else have that problem? lol. This was taken a few years ago in Phoneix, NY. On the Oneida River. I tried to give it the feeling as is you could walk into the scene. One would want to tred carefully tho. Thanks for having a look, any comments are welcomed.

Sunlight / Moonlight Uploaded: 09/05/09 4:32 AM GMT

Image: Sunlight / Moonlight

It's all about the monochrome. Spent a good 4 hrs on this one in Photoshop. Combining 2 shots and turning day into night. I ended up with a few versions. The light rays where created by using motion blur and distort. Many layers and differnt effects. Enjoy.