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Running Through The Water Uploaded: 05/08/15 4:47 AM GMT

Image: Running Through The Water

My now three year old Granddaughter, Zari, had fun today running through the water at the beach. We took her to the beach in Lewes, Delaware after picking her up from daycare.

Zari Uploaded: 02/14/15 11:02 AM GMT

Image: Zari

This is Zari....short for Zariah (pronounced ZAR-ee-uh). She is my only grandchild and lives 550 miles away...but I DO get to see her quite a bit since I make a lot of trips to Delaware to see her and my daughter, Carrie. Zari will be three years old in May.

I DO have Skype and see her that way a lot.

HDR Zariah Uploaded: 11/08/14 2:08 PM GMT

Image: HDR Zariah

This is my Granddaughter playing on the balcony back in July. She is 2 1/2 years old now. I will be going back to Delaware for a visit soon.

Zari At Play Uploaded: 10/07/14 1:57 PM GMT

Image: Zari At Play

My two year old granddaughter playing at a park in Lewes, Delaware.

Almost 2 Uploaded: 04/19/14 6:18 PM GMT

Image: Almost 2

This is my granddaughter Zari...short for Zariah (ZAR-ee-uh). I am visiting her and her mother in Lewes, Delaware, for Easter and her 2nd birthday on May 4th.

Zariah (ZAR-ee-uh) Uploaded: 01/16/14 8:36 PM GMT

Image: Zariah (ZAR-ee-uh)

This is my granddaughter, Zariah...or Zari, for short. She lives in Lewes, Delaware. I took this shot just after Christmas at Cape Henlopen State Park in Lewes. She is 20 months old now.

Zari Loves Snoopy Uploaded: 04/12/13 3:25 PM GMT

Image: Zari Loves Snoopy

On the Boardwalk in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. This is my Granddaughter Zariah (ZAR-ee-uh), or Zari, as we call her.

Playing In The Park Uploaded: 04/06/13 3:11 PM GMT

Image: Playing In The Park

Zariah (ZAR-ee-uh) is taking a break from the swings and slide. She is 11 months old only grandchild. She lives in Lewes, Delaware.

Beach Babe Uploaded: 04/03/13 2:47 PM GMT

Image: Beach Babe

My Granddaughter at Rehoboth Beach, Delaware on April 1st. She will be 11 months on the 4th.

Zari and Santa Uploaded: 12/17/12 2:07 AM GMT

Image: Zari and Santa

I took this shot Saturday on the boardwalk in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Zari is my Granddaughter.

3 Month Old Zariah (ZAR-ee-uh) Uploaded: 08/20/12 9:35 PM GMT

Image: 3 Month Old Zariah (ZAR-ee-uh)

This is my granddaughter. My daughter was here visiting with her from Delaware last week.

I'm a Grampa! Uploaded: 05/07/12 1:58 AM GMT

Image: I'm a Grampa!

This is Zariah (ZAR-ee-uh), my first grandchild. She was born to my daughter on May 4th...9 lbs. 13 oz. Isn't she beautiful?