LakeMichiganSunset's Journal

Spring carpet Uploaded: 06/21/10 3:30 AM GMT

Image: Spring carpet

These tiny flowers grow in profusion on the playground where I take the grandkids occasionally.

River Rapids Uploaded: 06/21/10 3:08 AM GMT

Image: River Rapids

Downtown Petoskey between the dam and the marina. If you do not receive a response from me for a few days, I have taken my computer to the shop to have a terabyte installed. I should be back online by Wednesday evening. Thanks, Fran

Happy Pair Uploaded: 06/19/10 5:02 PM GMT

Image: Happy Pair

Bob ("Dunstickin'") took my butterflies off the algae covered rocks and added them to his recent flower photo..I tried to copy, cut and paste my butterflies onto my own flower images, and it is obvious and amateurish where I covered up the background and added them onto my flowers...On Bob's work, the paste work is excellent...I was so happy to actually get a close up of these two butterflies but the background did not have any eye appeal. My butterflies are much happier on these flowers..

Petoskey Shoreline Beach House Uploaded: 06/19/10 3:03 PM GMT

Image: Petoskey Shoreline Beach House

Lake Michigan Shoreline next to East Park.Gael used HDR on this photo and I added just a little brightness and contrast because it was a lot darker than the original photo.

Butterflies on Beach 2 Uploaded: 06/18/10 11:30 AM GMT

Image: Butterflies on Beach 2

I was very pleased when two large butterflies flew in front of us and stopped when we were walking on the beach. These two were oblivious to everything but each other. I snapped 5 or 6 photos and was very disappointed when I returned home and looked at my shots to find that the background was algae covered rocks. Not knowing how to cut out a subject and put it elsewhere, I asked Bob for help. He took some flower photos yesterday and cut my butterflies out of the algae rocks and put them on flowers. This is my favorite. THANKS BOB!

Butterflies on Beach Uploaded: 06/18/10 11:04 AM GMT

Image: Butterflies on Beach

Visiting the beach, we found two butterflies who flew in front of us and allowed me to snap their photo. The small rocks they landed on were covered in algae and not very eye appealing. So I asked Bob to rework it because I wasn't having any luck. Here is one version. The Butterflies on Beach 2 shows them to better advantage...Thanks BOB!

Bay Harbor Sunset 2 Uploaded: 06/17/10 12:22 AM GMT

Image: Bay Harbor Sunset 2

This is a tune up of the original by Gaeljet. I like the softening effect Gael has added...THANKS GAEL...

Bay Harbor Sunset Uploaded: 06/17/10 12:16 AM GMT

Image: Bay Harbor Sunset

Another sunset taken from Petoskey State Park Beach.

Fisherman's Island State Park Beach, Charlevoix, Michigan Uploaded: 06/16/10 10:50 AM GMT

Image: Fisherman's Island State Park Beach, Charlevoix, Michigan

One of my favorite rock hunting beaches. Two miles to the left along this shoreline, there is actually an Island, or what used to be an Island. The first year we camped at this park, to get to the Island, we had to swim part of the way. Now the level of Lake Michigan is so low that the "Island" is a peninsula and you can walk across a stretch of land that once was 6 feet under water. Dunstickin "Bobonised" this for me. Thanks Bob for your expert assistance. This State Park is a "rustic campground". We have camped here many times...No electricity, outhouses for plumbing. Very scenic spot....

East Park Beach Houses on Lake Michigan Uploaded: 06/16/10 10:36 AM GMT

Image: East Park Beach Houses on Lake Michigan

We found a new park on Lake Michigan when we visited the last weekend in May. Each of the house next to the park has its own dock and a canal that allows them access to Lake Michigan. The water color was an amazing bright blue green unlike the water of Lake Michigan. The red roofed structure in the background is a hotel and behind that are a group of lakefront mansions; two of which are owned by Madonna and Tom Hanks (this is what the locals tell us). Bob (Dunstickin) reworked this for me. I do not have an "eye" trained to see what is wrong with these photos. When I look at a photo, I am remembering the trip and not looking for flaws....It would be nice to live on the lakefront for the summer months...It might even be fun to watch the storms while you are safe and snug inside. In the winter, this area is like the north pole...In fact, about 50 miles out of town you cross the 45th parallel. So that means you are halfway between the equator and the North Pole. This area has 5 foot snowfalls in the winter. A nice place to vacation in the summer but I wouldn't want to live there in the winter.

Harbor Springs Sunset 3 Uploaded: 06/14/10 9:28 PM GMT

Image: Harbor Springs Sunset 3

Bob (Dunstickin) sent this to me this morning and I like the color he has added to my original photo...Thanks Bob

Blue Dusk Sunset rework Uploaded: 06/14/10 9:21 PM GMT

Image: Blue Dusk Sunset rework

I asked Dunstickin' (Bob) to rework this photo for me after several comments about the grainy appearance of the sky. Thanks Bob for your help...So let me know what you think about it now.

Dusky Blue Sunset Uploaded: 06/13/10 1:33 PM GMT

Image: Dusky Blue Sunset

I added saturation to the original photo and like the sky better in this one...

Surprise Sunset Uploaded: 06/13/10 1:14 PM GMT

Image: Surprise Sunset

With all those grey clouds all day, no one expected a beautiful sunset. BillyOneShot helped me fine tune this one...Thanks Billy...

Sunset Over The Bay 2 Uploaded: 06/11/10 8:24 PM GMT

Image: Sunset Over The Bay 2

John (JSWGPB) fine tuned this for me a little because the previous post of the same photo was blurred...The water is much sharper in this one...

Harbor Springs Sunset 2 Uploaded: 06/09/10 10:41 PM GMT

Image: Harbor Springs Sunset 2

I have added more saturation to this at Gaeljet's suggestion. It did perk up the sky a bit, but I also like the softer tones of the previous posting of this same photo.

Harbor Springs Sunset Uploaded: 06/09/10 7:12 AM GMT

Image: Harbor Springs Sunset

BillyOneShot and I have reworked this photo. Billy corrected the horizon line and after comments on the previous posting, I have removed my grandson's head from the right foreground...

Rock Hunt Uploaded: 06/09/10 2:24 AM GMT

Image: Rock Hunt

I like to rock hunt and rocks always look better underwater than laying on the beach. The Petoskey stones I like to hunt are fossilized coral and none are pictured here but the design will stand out when seen underwater.

Bayfront Park Waterfall rework Uploaded: 06/06/10 10:49 PM GMT

Image: Bayfront Park Waterfall rework

This is a rework of my Petoskey Park Waterfall by JSWGPB (Thanks John. You did an awesome job). It looks almost professional...

Blue on Blue Uploaded: 05/20/10 9:00 PM GMT

Image: Blue on Blue

Another Petoskey State Park campground sunset, Petoskey, Michigan, USA, August 2010