Mythmaker's Journal

Golden Chengdu. Uploaded: 02/19/12 7:15 AM GMT

Image: Golden Chengdu.

No, I didn't manipulate the colours of this shot. :) Yes it is a touch soft, due to it being taken in Chengdu's ubiquitous winter mist. I lightened the shadows with the curves tool just a touch (So there is more detail there if you want to look.) but didn't want to destroy the strong contrasts between dark and light in the shot. This was directly across the road from my hotel, the Traffic Inn, which is smack in the central area of the city. All the same you can see there was a quality of stillness available from time to time. Pretty amazing for a city of over ten million. I loved it.



Snarl Uploaded: 01/08/08 10:35 PM GMT

Image: Snarl

Old wire and old wood, all snarled up together. This sepia is what comes out of the Canon S3 IS on sepia setting, not bad really. Cropped for widescreen, anticipating the arrival of my own new computer and screen. :)



My Country Uploaded: 11/08/07 6:38 AM GMT

Image: My Country

Indigenous Australians (Those called in the past *aborigines* but never "natives".) use the term "Country" to describe the lands their tribe is custodian to. So where I live, in Canberra, is called also "Ngunnawal Country" and I am honoured to live in a suburb (Town.) named Ngunnawal. I took this photo here in Ngunnawal Country just the other day. Everything in it speaks to me of My Country, the tough, smoky green grass, the ghostly white of the gum trees, the clear blue of the sky and the unassailable dignity of the Old Man Roo on the skyline. This is My Country and this image says more to me about who I am than the flag ever will.