NzglKing's Journal

Jeremiah Justice Uploaded: 10/04/10 3:12 PM GMT

Image: Jeremiah Justice

Practice of the rule of 3rds since I am learning professional photography. Picture is of my friend's child, Jeremiah Justice, the cutest kid you'll ever see! =)

Celtic Fractal Uploaded: 02/13/07 8:59 PM GMT

Image: Celtic Fractal

Please view full screen to see the detail After practicing my newly learned photoshop pen skills from nmsmith's tutorials, i decided to put myself to the test and I came up with this fractal. It has some Celtic inspiration in the design (based upon interweaving trinity knots). I choose to do it in red in spirit of valentine's day. All comments welcome.

note: i've uploaded a new image that is in a way complimentary to this image. it's called Blue Fractal