Papi11on's Journal

Springtime Snow Uploaded: 03/24/08 6:12 PM GMT

Image: Springtime Snow

The frozen carp pond in my local park reflected some unusual colours from leaden skies & overnight snow. Despite freezing temperatures, the little fountain was working just enough to give a break in the ice for the fish to surface.

Autumn Hedgerow Colours Uploaded: 08/29/07 9:47 AM GMT

Image: Autumn Hedgerow Colours

Out for an early morning walk with the dog, I was mesmerised by the multivarious colours of the leaves in this hedge and the shadows they cast. Canon S3 IS, ISO 100, F3.5, 1/320, 26mm, no PP.

Colourful Decay Uploaded: 06/10/06 2:27 PM GMT

Image: Colourful Decay

This old wall and door is one of my own watercolours. It was great fun to paint and I hope the resize from portrait to landscape has added successfully to the array of colours. Comments most welcome, thanks!

Memories of South Africa Uploaded: 04/05/06 12:02 AM GMT

Image: Memories of South Africa

Taken from the outskirts of Fish Hoek, a small coastal town on South Africa's Cape Peninsula on one of those glorious winter days of sun and showers. If you look closely, you'll even see a rainbow over the distant headland.