Phil2001's Journal

Moon Rise Uploaded: 12/31/11 5:04 PM GMT

Image: Moon Rise

This is a Reupload, I randomised the clouds a bit more and did some other general fixes. You can view this image in my DeviantArt gallery its slightly larger at 3840px and is also available as a print if anyone at all is interested. Thanks for looking :)

2025 Uploaded: 04/22/09 2:31 PM GMT

Image: 2025

Stock This is an updated version of "Future Times" Not sure if its finished yet, Comments, critiques welcome.

Homeworld Uploaded: 02/03/09 3:46 AM GMT

Image: Homeworld

Image is 100% Photoshop took about 6 hours, When i was making the planet on the left i was juat about done and i kicked out the pc plug without saving the image so i had to redo it all again so the quality isn't as good as the original. That was frustrating. Anyway hope you like ;) Updated Version can be found Here

The Water Boy Uploaded: 01/20/09 1:03 AM GMT

Image: The Water Boy

Idk! Since i uploaded this every time i see it i cant help but laugh for some reason lol Stock
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