Ramad's Journal

Leo Uploaded: 09/18/14 7:17 AM GMT

Image: Leo

Leo in all his glory. Pity one can't take him to a poodles' hair salon.

City Hall Uploaded: 05/08/13 9:28 AM GMT

Image: City Hall

This is the Hamburg City Hall. I have posted photos of this building before but this photo was taken yesterday. I cannot clone out the car and the bus and the partitions on the ground where repair work is going on.

Tranquillity Uploaded: 05/12/12 8:29 AM GMT

Image: Tranquillity

From the bin - I have posted another version of this view before but not the same shot. My entry for the contest.

A Reminder Uploaded: 02/24/12 8:57 AM GMT

Image: A Reminder

A bouquet to remind you that today is Friday :)

Schwerin Castle Uploaded: 09/22/09 10:21 AM GMT

Image: Schwerin Castle

Schwerin is a town in the former East Germany, about two hours' drive from Hamburg. The Schwerin Castle shown here has a long history. The building started in the 10th century and it was completed in this form in the 18th century. It is the landmark of Schwerin and is also a great tourist attraction.

P.S. You must see this on full screen to see the details.

Queen of Flowers #2 Uploaded: 03/12/09 11:16 PM GMT

Image: Queen of Flowers #2

Just about 10 minutes into Friday here - So this is the F (Foofy Friday) posting of mine. Any comments most welcome!

Take Me First Uploaded: 08/29/08 8:41 AM GMT

Image: Take Me First

From among the group of dahlias I picked this one as it stood out clearly and demanded attention.