Shewolfe's Journal

Fire Breather Uploaded: 09/11/10 9:30 AM GMT

Image: Fire Breather

I took this last weekend at The Mercian Gathering. Those of you who know me know that I go each year to these camps.
This is Pete Brash, one of the fire breathers for the event. He has requested the use of this image for promotional imagery :)

Please do not distribute or use my image for any purpose other than your own personal viewing. Thank you.

Little Reds Uploaded: 08/31/10 9:01 PM GMT

Image: Little Reds

One of my first shots with my new Nikon D3000...slowly learning the ropes.

Please do not distribute, repost or share my images.

Floral Retro Uploaded: 08/22/10 11:20 PM GMT

Image: Floral Retro

I am bored this evening.

Photoshop called.

I hope you enjoy it :)

Please do not distribute or use my work without permission

Where Dreams are Formed Uploaded: 04/26/10 8:41 PM GMT

Image: Where Dreams are Formed

Apophysis...I've gotten back to playing.
Thank you for any comments :)

Snow-White Star Uploaded: 04/25/10 9:07 PM GMT

Image: Snow-White Star

A close up of one of many white blossoms opening up on the trees around here :)

Proud Dandelion Uploaded: 04/22/10 10:35 AM GMT

Image: Proud Dandelion

Now why did I think of our own Mr Lion when I first took this hehe
What a bright cheery little flower enjoying the sun.

Illumination and Shadowplay Uploaded: 04/22/10 10:33 AM GMT

Image: Illumination and Shadowplay

Where there are nettles there are dock leaves!
I'm loving this sun at the moment..and so is my poor little camera which, as you know, struggles more when it's dim.

Amethyst Garden Uploaded: 03/16/10 2:28 PM GMT

Image: Amethyst Garden

Photoshop with added brushiness. Hope you enjoy it purple lovers :)

Monochrome Daydreams Uploaded: 12/11/09 9:46 PM GMT

Image: Monochrome Daydreams

Playing in Photoshop with some free brush sets.

Celebration of the Old Ways Uploaded: 09/09/09 10:09 AM GMT

Image: Celebration of the Old Ways

This is the original shot I took at the Pagan camp at the weekend. I was proud of my little camera for getting this as it is nothing special. See my B&W version for more information about the shot.

Running Free Uploaded: 08/12/09 9:29 PM GMT

Image: Running Free

I had an image in mind earlier that I wanted to try to make in PS. This is the result..not quite what I had in mind but getting close!

Pumpkin Lights Uploaded: 10/27/08 12:03 AM GMT

Image: Pumpkin Lights

Apophysis :)

It's that time of year again! Wooo... I love Autumn and I love Samhain (Halloween)..and what comes with it of course ;)

Lacy Moons Uploaded: 08/28/08 9:21 AM GMT

Image: Lacy Moons

Apophysis :)

Thank you for any comments..and for all comments. I don't have the attention span to reply to them all but I enjoy them.

Faery Queen Uploaded: 08/25/08 10:38 AM GMT

Image: Faery Queen

You are in the presence of royalty, and a very rare glimpse it is.

Faery Dust Uploaded: 08/20/08 11:09 AM GMT

Image: Faery Dust

A glimpse into the world of Faeries.


Candy Curves Uploaded: 08/19/08 11:07 AM GMT

Image: Candy Curves

'Candy Curves' is a collaboration between myself and Katz for the 'Curves' contest :)


Bonnie and Sarah

Spring Rays Uploaded: 08/10/08 10:21 AM GMT

Image: Spring Rays

This was taken in my garden back in spring when the tulips and daff's were out.

I have red and blue Anemone's but these are my favourite..caught this one in the light.

Harvest Time Uploaded: 08/01/08 10:01 AM GMT

Image: Harvest Time

This was created for the pagan celebration of the first harvest, Lughnasadh (also Lamas to some).


Blue Moon Uploaded: 07/30/08 3:29 PM GMT

Image: Blue Moon

Everyone sing along if you remember the words.

This is one of the colours I was messing around with in Photoshop. I like the moody feel.

Diamonds On Velvet Uploaded: 12/22/07 5:15 PM GMT

Image: Diamonds On Velvet

For the ladies.