Silvanus' Journal

A Wintry Landscape Uploaded: 12/23/11 3:21 PM GMT

Image: A Wintry Landscape

Happy Holidays! to all my friends on Caedes. I wish you all the best in the coming year. And thank you for sharing your marvelous work and artistic vision. I'm looking forward to many more, "Wow! Look at that!" moments in 2012. - Steve

Morning Chorale Uploaded: 11/08/11 2:54 AM GMT

Image: Morning Chorale

Taken at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum on a cold, clear Saturday morning. No one was around this early, except the birds. The only sounds were the leaves falling from the trees and the wee critters going about their business.

Apple Blossom Evening Uploaded: 11/08/11 2:48 AM GMT

Image: Apple Blossom Evening

One for the contest.

Autumn Icon Uploaded: 10/14/11 1:53 AM GMT

Image: Autumn Icon

A sure sign of autumn.

Morning Memories Uploaded: 10/14/11 1:51 AM GMT

Image: Morning Memories

A chill October morning on the trail to Hell's Gate rapids on the Kettle River in Northern Minnesota.

The Season’s Early Bloomers Uploaded: 05/29/11 2:59 PM GMT

Image: The Season’s Early Bloomers

Springtime photos just have to include a few tulips.

Thunder in the Apple Orchard Uploaded: 05/29/11 2:55 PM GMT

Image: Thunder in the Apple Orchard

This shot was taken a week ago at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. I was gifted with a few seconds of sunlight before I had to run for the car. This same weather system spawned a tornado that struck the northern part of Minneapolis.

Saffron Sky Uploaded: 05/02/11 1:38 AM GMT

Image: Saffron Sky

This was a late-August sunset taken at Lake Nokomis, in Minneapolis, after the sun had dropped below the horizon.

Nightfall on Spider Lake Uploaded: 05/02/11 1:35 AM GMT

Image: Nightfall on Spider Lake

From the archive: A couple of sunsets tonight. This one was taken in July in northern Minnesota. The waves are from a fishing boat coming in off the lake.

Oak Savannah Uploaded: 04/28/11 1:09 AM GMT

Image: Oak Savannah

From the archive. A small portion of the oak savannah at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. The landscape here is bleak and miserable, as the month of April draws to a close, so tonight I thought I'd post some fall color pictures.

Prairie Dawn Uploaded: 04/28/11 1:05 AM GMT

Image: Prairie Dawn

From the archive. An early morning shot of the upland prairie above the St. Croix River, on the Minnesota side.

The First Signs of Spring Uploaded: 04/21/11 4:25 PM GMT

Image: The First Signs of Spring

A little touch of color in a gray and barren landscape.

Rising Myst Uploaded: 04/21/11 4:22 PM GMT

Image: Rising Myst

From the archive. A layer of early morning fog hangs over the trail.

Mdo-te Uploaded: 04/18/11 9:42 PM GMT

Image: Mdo-te

A lot of great bridge pictures have been entered into the current contest, but I thought I'd toss this one in anyway. This is a view of the Mendota Bridge, which crosses the Minnesota River near the confluence of the Minnesota and Mississippi Rivers. When the bridge opened in 1926, it was the longest continuous concrete-arch bridge in the world. The name Mendota derives from the Sioux word Mdo-te, meaning "where the two waters meet."

A Lonely Season Uploaded: 04/18/11 9:22 PM GMT

Image: A Lonely Season

Even in winter, a garden can be a restful and soothing place for contemplation... of how damn cold and miserable and long winter can be. :)

Summer Garden Uploaded: 03/28/11 1:53 AM GMT

Image: Summer Garden

This one is for Biffobear who, being tired of winter's chill, was hoping to see a lovely summery one. :)

A Bleak and Somber Season Uploaded: 03/28/11 1:48 AM GMT

Image: A Bleak and Somber Season

I liked the patterns of the trees and a landscape bleached of color by a cold, damp winter fog.

The Colors of Winter Uploaded: 03/27/11 1:45 AM GMT

Image: The Colors of Winter

A bit of color in the dead of winter. Taken at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.

Winter Rocks Uploaded: 03/27/11 1:42 AM GMT

Image: Winter Rocks

Part of a rocky outcrop in the middle of Louisville Swamp, part of the Minnesota River Valley. This area is accessible only in winter when the swamp is frozen.

Sheltering Boughs Uploaded: 03/15/11 12:50 AM GMT

Image: Sheltering Boughs

I like trees. After asking to take his photograph, I gave this old cottonwood a big hug and proceeded on my way.