StarLite's Journal

White Petals Uploaded: 10/18/11 5:37 PM GMT

Image: White Petals

Dear Caedes Friends ..

I know I haven't been on here for a very long time, but I am back now (I think) and have took a look at all the photos posted by you that I have missed - all gorgeous - sorry that I cannot comment on each. I have been busy with my thesis and experimenting pages on Facebook (my thesis is about marketing via social networks .. ) so I have been uploading some of my photos there ..

Further, I am planning to upload some of them here as well .. one at a day :) Thank you and Sorry for the loong description .. :)

p.s. I have missed you all ..

Sunset - beneath the cloud Uploaded: 10/01/10 1:35 PM GMT

Image: Sunset - beneath the cloud

This was taken couple years ago, while looking at some old photos I saw it and thought some of you who like sunsets will like this one as well. Comments are much appreciated - thanks. :)