Xetxuna's Journal

The Perpetual Infinity Paradox Uploaded: 12/02/11 4:09 PM GMT

Image: The Perpetual Infinity Paradox

What goes on behind the scenes, hidden from the mind's eye in an apathetic mind. The constant thoughts can be felt, just as pressure can be felt on a numbed area of the body and yet consciously the mental screen is blank. Any action occurs as needed to continue with the flow in the least resistant manner, & yet.. I sit and wonder if this will ever end. Endless is this paradox, this chasm of some esoteric epoch.

Conciousness Uploaded: 11/29/11 3:01 AM GMT

Image: Conciousness

Something beyond the material.. an essence. Just outside tangible plane of the material world, within it but apart from it. As is a cell within a body but apart from the idea of a larger whole..

Don't be afraid to have a look around.. Uploaded: 10/21/11 3:18 AM GMT

Image: Don't be afraid to have a look around..

Life is beaming down upon us, as well as surrounding us,.. everywhere. Don't be afraid to have a look around.. It's your world too. I could have never imagined this shot would have turned out as it did. [Taken with a Nikon L110]

Inspiration Uploaded: 08/27/11 2:33 AM GMT

Image: Inspiration

Limited only by imagination.

What lies ahead.. Uploaded: 08/26/11 1:48 AM GMT

Image: What lies ahead..

You decide. ^-^