angelicem's Journal

Bengal Baby Uploaded: 10/01/10 1:51 AM GMT

Image: Bengal Baby

Hi everyone, this is Tinkerbell, my baby Bengal, She has the most striking coat..however trying to capture it on camera is prooving rather difficult! Thankyou to everyone who stops by and to those who take the time to leave feedback and advice.

Midnight Snack Uploaded: 09/30/10 12:36 AM GMT

Image: Midnight Snack

Thankyou to everyone stopping by and leaving feedback...however it feels like something is missing to this pic and was looking for some inspiration!

Pretty In Pink Uploaded: 09/10/10 8:57 PM GMT

Image: Pretty In Pink

This is Lacey Lou my daughter when she was around 7 months old. Thank you to those taking the time to view and leave feedback.