captaindrewi's Journal

buzz humm fzzt. Uploaded: 01/06/14 12:48 AM GMT

Image: buzz humm fzzt.

3d work created in Anim8or[free software]

bronzelbubbul Uploaded: 07/23/13 8:14 PM GMT

Image: bronzelbubbul

desktop doodle with some mandelbulb [special thanks to Joanie who very kindly helped me get a foothold on the Mandelbulb ladder with some super m3p files to play with. The above uses one of these.I also discovered i had been using a less than functional beta version of Mandelbulb which made it difficult for the novice.So if anyone out there is struggling with mandelbulb make sure it isn't the beta version.....i'm using 1.79 now.]

ee-lekk-triss-itee..eelektrissittee. Uploaded: 05/20/13 1:06 AM GMT

Image: ee-lekk-triss-itee..eelektrissittee.

desktop doodle. contest entry.

warm ants Uploaded: 05/16/13 1:33 PM GMT

Image: warm ants

desktop doodle. Groboto,Carrara,PSP. Anim8or. [Ant model.Free 3d models copyright free.]

nanobot with girlfriend Uploaded: 04/12/13 1:03 PM GMT

Image: nanobot with girlfriend

desktop doodle

future 3d Uploaded: 04/10/13 2:05 PM GMT

Image: future 3d

desktop doodle.!!!!!! Ok... I have had many generous praises of late for this style of image. I have to confess i am rather embarrassed by them as producing them is quite easy and all down to the software really. I do try and add to them and compose them so the image i submit to Caedes is not just straight 'out of the box' so as to speak, but really the images the software produces are pretty amazing and of wonderful quality without any additional psp filters etc. You don't need to know anything about 3d modeling to get this producing images. So why not try for yourselves.Check out the videos on you tube etc before downloading as it's a time limited demo but fully functional. Drop us a line if you want some tip or help.

fuang Uploaded: 04/04/13 1:12 AM GMT

Image: fuang

desktop doodle. OK..I have just worked out how the journal works........doh!

tridoz Uploaded: 11/05/08 12:13 AM GMT

Image: tridoz

abstract environment. quite a milestone as i have completed my first page.A number of wobbly ones amongst them but all in all i am reasonably pleased. It has all been very enjoyable.The provision of the gallery, the facilities,seeing other peoples work, the encouragements and appreciations have all contributed to boosting my work output. thanks

koyls Uploaded: 10/26/08 1:13 AM GMT

Image: koyls

abstract environment.