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Sound Of 'Music' 1 Uploaded: 06/17/12 9:38 PM GMT

Image: Sound Of 'Music' 1

I like to listen to the never ending song of the sea. To me it's even finer than good music.

Hope you'll like this image. Thanks in advance for your comment.

Peony (detail) Uploaded: 06/02/12 12:29 AM GMT

Image: Peony (detail)

Hope you'll like this image. Thanks in advance for your comment

Edit: to avoid some possible misunderstanding, I like to provide you with some additional information:

This image was captured with a Nikon D5000 body and a AF-S Micro Nikkor 85mm 1:3 5 G ED VRII lens (Nikon call its macro lenses 'Micro'). Because of poor lighting conditions (both dark and windy weather), I've chosen for an optimal shutter time versus an optimal f-stop. The highest possible f-stop number therefore was 14.3 (a higher number was in these conditions not possible). The distance to the subject was 0.6 m. You can check on THIS SITE, that the DOF was from 0.59 m (near limit) to 0.61 m (far limit), so a total DOF of only 0.02 m (an extremely shallow DOF is a common effect in macrophotography).

I got used with this phenomenon. Therefore I used a manual FL-setting (Focal Length-setting) of about 0.61 m (somewhat farther than the real distance to the subject). By using this 'trick' I achieved that the range from 0.6 - 0.62 m was depicted clearly. Everything outside this range is not a lack of focus, as suggested below by Ted (ted3020), but just BOKEH!

Distant Village 2 Uploaded: 06/01/12 6:37 PM GMT

Image: Distant Village 2

Image was captured on the peninsula South-Beveland, Zeeland, the Netherlands. In the distance you can see the church steeple of a small village, called 'Nisse'. When compared with my Distant Village 1 image, you'll see that this one is taken somewhat closer to Nisse.

Hope you'll enjoy this image too. Thanks in advance for your comment.

Geranium Uploaded: 05/31/12 9:14 PM GMT

Image: Geranium

Anoter F (Foofy Friday) image, taken in the garden of my wife with one of my Nikon bodies with an AF-S Micro Nikkor 85mm 1:3 5 G ED VRII lens attached. Please realize that the real diameter of the biggest geranium flower is about 3.4 centimetres (1.3 inch). The other ones are even smaller.

About the presentation, I like to say this: My fiend Sandi (tigger3) said in her comment on my 'Pink Petunia' image: "I love the way they pop through the framework, one of these neat editing tricks I know nothing about."

My friend Lyn (LynEve) has taught me how to do this. She has even made a basic tutorial. Please check-out THIS LINK to read more about it. It will probably cost some attempts and patience to achieve a reasonable result, but please give it a try and you'll see that it's worth the effort.

Hope you'll like this post. Thanks in advance for your comment.

In Spite Of A Threatening Sky Uploaded: 04/29/12 7:30 PM GMT

Image: In Spite Of A Threatening Sky

In spite of the threatening sky, the crew of the reconstructed ancient wooden Belgian fishingboat 'D'n Bruinen' (The Brown One) is preparing the boat for a ride on the Lake of Veere, Zeeland, the Netherlands.

Hope you'll like this image. Thanks in advance for your comment.

Hoar Frost 2 Uploaded: 12/10/11 9:14 AM GMT

Image: Hoar Frost 2

Have some hoar frost images in my bin, which are, in my opinion, too fine to let them there. So here's #2.

Hope you'll agree with me and enjoy it. Thanks in advance for your comment.

Soon It Will Be Dark 1 Uploaded: 09/11/11 8:31 AM GMT

Image: Soon It Will Be Dark 1

When I am on a photo shoot, a scene is mostly captured by me from different angles. In order to upload a photo to Caedes, only one of them is selected, the others disappear on two of my external hard drives (the one functions as a storage and the other as a back-up medium), often called by me: 'my shoebox', lol. This method implies, on the one hand, that a depicted scene won't become dull or boring to you, but, on the other hand, that many good shots remain unused.

This post is such a shoebox image. Hope that it may show to you what I've tried to explain. Hope too that you'll like this, almost by me forgotten, shot. Thanks in advance for your comment.

Give Way Uploaded: 08/27/11 6:26 AM GMT

Image: Give Way

Owd Bob recently said in his comment on one of my images: "You just cannot take the 'Captain' out of the Sea!!...can you"

Think he's right. Therefore this image of the pilot tender 'Gemini' on its way to a seagoing vessel on the North Sea near Flushing, Zeeland, the Netherlands.

Hope you'll like it. Thanks in advance for your comment.

Choice Uploaded: 08/22/11 8:38 AM GMT

Image: Choice

SB (Shoebox) image.

I had some doubts whether to post this image or not because it has caused a kind of dilemma to me. Chosing another angle or cropping this image according the rules of thirds may, on the one hand, have created a more interesting composition, but would, on the other hand, have deleted a part of either the wonderful sky or the reflections. So I decided to ignore this 'dogma' (please notice the quotes). Hope that I took the right decision.

I'm curious what's your opinion about that, so thanks for your comment in advance.

Nightly Reflections 1 Uploaded: 08/02/11 6:51 AM GMT

Image: Nightly Reflections 1

This nightshot was taken more than four years ago. A rather similiar image was recently deleted from Caedes by mistake from me. The people who have 'faved' but not 'saved' this image, have therefore lost this image too. Hope that this one is a good alternative for them.

This image shows the 'Kloverniersdoelen', Middelburg, Zeeland, the Netherlands. It was built between 1607 and 1611 in Flemish Renaissance style as the headquarters of a markmen's guild (a klovenier is a long musket). Nowadays it's used as a college for music and music library.

Hope new and other Caedes friends will like this image as well. Thanks in advance for your comment.

Veere And Its Cow Uploaded: 07/02/11 7:11 AM GMT

Image: Veere And Its Cow

About four years ago, I've posted a rather similiar image, but I think this one has a higher quality. You see a part of the tiny town of Veere, Zeeland, the Netherlands, its traditional windmill, named 'The Cow', and a part of the Lake of Veere.

Hope you'll like this image. Thanks in advance for your comment.

Zeeland Maritime Heritage Uploaded: 06/17/11 10:41 PM GMT

Image: Zeeland Maritime Heritage

On this image some reconstructed ancient Zeeland wooden fishing boats can be seen. These boats were built at the end of the 19th century, begin 20th century, and are recently reconstructed to keep them for historical reasons (as a kind of 'living monument'). During the reconstruction a small propulsion engine was built in as well, only for safety purposes (emergency propulsion). It's hard to imagine that fishermen had the courage to sail on them on the North Sea in the past, with no other propulsion means than sails. My late granddad was one of them. He survived on July 18th, 1924 a disaster in which 15 of his fellow-fishermen drowned after their tiny boats were struck (and sunk) by a heavy storm. Nowadays these 'living monuments' are only used for leisure/pleasure sailing rides on lakes in Zeeland. Sailing will keep them in a better condition rather than to give them only a passive role.

Hope you'll like this image. Thanks in advance for your comment

International Uploaded: 06/16/11 3:00 AM GMT

Image: International

Perhaps this would be a colorful desktop for those who are able to let their patriotic feelings for what they are, lol.

For those who have interest in it, from the left to the right: the Watersports Club Arnemuiden flag, the European Community flag, the Belgian flag, The UK flag (the Union Jack), the Province of Zeeland flag, the French flag, the Dutch flag and the German flag.

Hope you'll like this image. Thanks in advance for your comment.

Typical Dutch 2 Uploaded: 06/12/11 4:41 AM GMT

Image: Typical Dutch 2

Although this image is taken from a different angle, I suppose that this Dutch traditional windmill already may be known to a lot of Caedes-friends, because of this post. This doesn't prevent me however from posting it.

Hope you'll like this image too. Thanks in advance for your comment.

Spring Details 06 (Approach) Uploaded: 06/02/11 8:21 AM GMT

Image: Spring Details 06 (Approach)

Captured: May, 20th 2011, in the garden of my wife.

Please view at full screen size.

Some exif data for those who have interest in it:

Body: Nikon D5000; Lens: Nikon DX AF-S Micro Nikkor 85mm 1:3.5 G ED VRII; Original format: NEF (RAW), Format after conversion: PNG; Original size: 4310 x 2826, Uploaded size: 1600 x 1045; 1/2500, shutter priority, F-number: F3.8, Diafragm: F3.73; ISO 500, FL 85mm, lighting control: multi segment.

Hope you'll like this image. Thank you in advance for your comment

Western Scheldt 1 Uploaded: 08/17/10 6:22 AM GMT

Image: Western Scheldt 1

View on the Western Scheldt before sunset, taken near Flushing, Zeeland, The Netherlands.

Hope you like this image. Thank you in advance for your comment.

Zeeland Maritime (62), For Momma Uploaded: 08/01/10 2:25 PM GMT

Image: Zeeland Maritime (62), For Momma

Momma (PatAndre) commented on my 'Zeeland Maritime (70), Busy Traffic' image: "Woo whee, I would love to see that ship up closer. What a boat."

In order to fulfil her request, I had to dig my bin or shoebox again.

Momma, I hope that this one will meet your expectations and that you and other Caedes members will like it too. Thank you in advance for your comment.

PS: due to a periodical medical check up of my wife in a Rotterdam hospital, I'll be not on Caedes soon from now on until at least Wednesday, August 4th.

Prepared To Attack Uploaded: 06/30/10 6:50 AM GMT

Image: Prepared To Attack

Hope you'll like this image. Thank you in advance for your comment.

Havenmuseum 2 Uploaded: 06/17/10 7:47 AM GMT

Image: Havenmuseum 2

The 'Havenmuseum' (harbour museum) is located in the Leuvehaven, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Please check-out this LINK for detailed information.

Hope you'll like this 2nd image of this series. Thank you in advance for your comment.

Kinderdijk 06 Uploaded: 06/15/10 11:10 AM GMT

Image: Kinderdijk 06

This is the sixth image in my 'Kinderdijk' series.

Hope you'll like this post too. Thank you in advance for your comment.

Edit: for some additonal information, please check-out this LINK.