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Because We Never Shall Forget Uploaded: 11/01/08 3:59 AM GMT

Image: Because We Never Shall Forget

Today and the next coming days in some villages and towns at the peninsula Walcheren, Zeeland, The Netherlands, the yearly commemorial ceremonies will be held because of the liberation of the peninsula at the end of WWII (in October/November 1944).

Grateful attention was and is paid to the heroes of the Canadian regiments 'The Black Watch of Canada', 'The Calgary Highlanders' and 'Le Régiment de Maisonneuve' of the 5th Canadian Infantry Brigade, the French 224-ème Regiment d' Infanterie of the 68-ème Division d' Infanterie and the Scottisch 1st Batallion of the 'Glasgow Highlanders', who lost their lives to give us back our freedom.

Although it isn't still easy yet for the elder people, people nowadays realise however more and more that German soldiers, of which many of them were forced to serve in the German army, died in the battle as well.

If you have interest in some detailed historical aspects of the 'Battle of the Scheldt', please check out this link.

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Look On Expectantly Uploaded: 10/18/07 7:43 AM GMT

Image: Look On Expectantly

Taken at the peninsula Schouwen-Duiveland, Zeeland, The Netherlands, just where the Eastern Scheldt becomes North Sea

Zeeland Maritime (32), Dar Mlodziezy sails outward bound Uploaded: 08/28/07 7:14 AM GMT

Image: Zeeland Maritime (32), Dar Mlodziezy sails outward bound

The Polish (homeport Gdynia) three mast tallship Dar Mlodziezy, sistership of the Mir (please see my yesterday's post), at the Western Scheldt, after a port call in Flushing, Zeeland, The Netherlands. Built in 1981, Length: 109.2 m, Width: 14.0 m, Depth: 6.37 m, Mastheight: 49.5 m, Sails: 3015 square metres, Number of sails: 24.