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Mt Olivet details 3 Nathaniel someone....... Uploaded: 02/25/06 3:14 PM GMT

Image: Mt Olivet details 3 Nathaniel someone.......

This one really might not make great wallpaper, I just thought it was facinating. This six foot across tree trunk has wrapped around the headstone with age. It certainly shows the finality of the place. Though I couldn't see a date, most of the stones in this section are from the 1840s through the 60s Edit; Some have been confused into thinking that the stone is behind the tree. I didn't get enough distinction between the barks edge and the background. The stone is now part of the tree. When you walk up to it it's like a hand reaching above the waves struggling to be seen.

Mt Olivet details Uploaded: 01/29/06 1:29 PM GMT

Image: Mt Olivet details

Lovely overcast day high on a hill overlooking Nashville in the city's oldest cemetary. Don't worry, I won't bring all 170 shots.

particle play Uploaded: 06/26/04 4:24 PM GMT

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just messin with Photoimpact