galaxygirl1's Journal

Icicles And Lightning Uploaded: 01/01/18 3:40 PM GMT

Image: Icicles And Lightning

I took this pic in the early morning, then decided to add some lightning and change it to a night time storm pic. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Happy new year. :)

Christmas Eve at Grandma's Uploaded: 12/10/17 5:03 AM GMT

Image: Christmas Eve at Grandma's

This wasn't at my grandma's house but it sure felt that way. Calming effects of classic decor. Comments welcome.

Enchanted Pumpkins Uploaded: 10/27/17 9:53 PM GMT

Image: Enchanted Pumpkins

Done with a new program I downloaded. Comments welcome on this whimsical piece.

Fire Sunset Uploaded: 10/02/17 6:35 AM GMT

Image: Fire Sunset

Just what it says with some filter enhancements. Comments welcome, enjoy.