galaxygirl1's Journal

A little Night Fair Uploaded: 05/14/18 7:19 AM GMT

Image: A little Night Fair

On my date we walked over to view the fair from afar. We couldn't go cause it was too hot outside. (Missouri weather). Anyways it was still really romantic to see the lights. So I did a little coloring to enhance the sky and soften the parking lot in the forefront.

Just Another Manic Fortune Uploaded: 05/01/18 2:35 AM GMT

Image: Just Another Manic Fortune

My Manic Monday post. I still can't believe this was real! Lol A Chinese Buffett in AR back in 2012. This pic is not meant for art just something to cheer up the case of the Mondays for everyone. Comments welcome. :)

Candy Fun Uploaded: 04/06/18 10:51 PM GMT

Image: Candy Fun

Just more fun with colors, your comments do brighten many lousy days so it's always great to post and read them. :)

Something Different Uploaded: 11/23/17 5:12 PM GMT

Image: Something Different

So I was staying at my girlfriend's house and this was the design on an antique dresser with a pretty blanket covering the sunlight coming in. It was really beautiful to see. So I figured I'd share it with my friends here on caedes. Oh and happy Thanksgiving to everyone and their familys. :)

Fire Sunset Uploaded: 10/02/17 6:35 AM GMT

Image: Fire Sunset

Just what it says with some filter enhancements. Comments welcome, enjoy.