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True Love... Uploaded: 02/20/11 1:13 AM GMT

Image: True Love...

I am debating entering this into the emotion contest. This is my daughter Lyndsey with my Great Nephew Daniel in the garden, when he was around two months old at most. Needless to say that he has always had us wrapped around his finger, as you can tell by the look on her face.

Thank you for looking and any comments, they are always appreciated. xx

Such a sad thought... Uploaded: 05/05/10 11:45 PM GMT

Image: Such a sad thought...

I got this picture when working in a warehouse that dealt with house clearances. A small box was hidden in the back of a chest of drawers, and when I opened it, I found it was full of army issue currency from the second world war. Also inside were some postcards from that time and then right at the bottom of the box were some pictures. I found this one and turned it over to read the back. Some Japenese writing had been on there, but it had been scribbled over. A red stain marked the back of the picture which could be ink, or .. In english written on the back were the words..

" Taken from a jap soldier, June 1945"

I wonder who he was, and who are those in the picture, as I am sure that he would not have just handed his picture over we can guess his fate. Holding this picture in my hands I had to wonder exactly why it had been kept in such a careful way, every thing in the box was so well looked after they almost looked new. I find it very sad that this family lost their father/ brother/son, and while it was so looked after his death, it ended up in a cold impersonal warehouse. So I brought the entire box home with me so he is never forgotten. I would love to reunite his family with this picture, but have no idea where to start looking.