leeky85's Journal

Behind St. Helens Uploaded: 03/09/08 7:26 PM GMT

Image: Behind St. Helens

i promise this is the last Mt. St. Helens photo i post but i loved the view from behind the Mountain as much as i did looking at the Dome.

What's he thinking? Uploaded: 03/08/08 11:20 PM GMT

Image: What's he thinking?

I love polar bears and i thought this pic of him was interesting. i think he looks sad.

Kaweah lake Uploaded: 03/08/08 12:09 AM GMT

Image: Kaweah lake

my husband and i drove up to Kaweah Lake on a wildflower drive and i saw this opportunity to take this picture. hope you like it

Painted Rain Uploaded: 08/16/07 3:00 AM GMT

Image: Painted Rain

First rain lake success CA