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On A Beautiful Afternoon Uploaded: 11/17/17 3:59 PM GMT

Image: On A Beautiful Afternoon

Sedona, Arizona, USA. Courthouse Rock, a massive butte, like so many of the rock formations in Sedona looks significantly different from varied angles. 1,200 feet high, the summit is 5,454 feet above sea level. Sedona is in the Coconino National Forest, which encompasses a large part of Arizona. As a result, while the region is a desert, there are many trees and scrub in a natural state. The weather is magnificent. Enjoy!

Allium Grand Opening Uploaded: 10/25/17 3:09 AM GMT

Image: Allium Grand Opening

Cromwell, Connecticut, USA. A B/W macro of an allium bloom beginning to open.

Grand Canyon Yaki Point Uploaded: 10/20/17 1:38 PM GMT

Image: Grand Canyon Yaki Point

Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA. With paths along the south rim connecting many of the viewing points, it is good to walk to less pedestrian spots to find beautiful views of the canyon. At an elevation of 6,800 to 7,400 feet above sea level, and in a desert climate, the vast scale of the canyon creates its own weather systems, allowing for forested land on the plateau, with tree growth up to the edge of the canyon. In the distance are several of the temple rock formations.

Naples Evening Uploaded: 09/10/17 8:11 PM GMT

Image: Naples Evening

Naples, Florida, USA. The historic Naples Pier extends into the Gulf of Mexico, always a pretty sight at sunset. With the beginning of a direct hit by Hurricane Erma, I hope everyone there stays safe and damages are minimal. With an elevation of about 3 feet, a large storm surge could be devastating to Naples.

Grand Canyon - Desert View Uploaded: 09/04/17 12:48 AM GMT

Image: Grand Canyon - Desert View

At the east end of the national park, the Desert View vista presents the lighter colors of the canyon, as it is adjacent to the Painted Desert (seen on the right). The vast scale of this canyon is hard to comprehend even when seen in person.

Courthouse Butte Sedona Uploaded: 08/21/17 3:53 AM GMT

Image: Courthouse Butte Sedona

Sedona, AZ. On a sunny morning, the red rock buttes and mesas of Sedona were awe inspiring. Give nature over five hundred million years and amazing things happen - from ocean floors - to mountains - to volcanic activity nearby - to erosion - to incredible beauty.

Naples Pier Uploaded: 08/14/17 1:36 PM GMT

Image: Naples Pier

Naples, Florida, USA. Taken a few minutes before the sun began to descend below the clouds, it was very serene on the beach. The water was very calm. The departing clouds, ending a cool front, led to almost no breeze. Stand with me and enjoy the flight of the pelicans. (33 mm, 1/160 sec, f/9, ISO 125)

Dianthus Uploaded: 06/30/17 3:19 PM GMT

Image: Dianthus

Cromwell, Connecticut, USA. A macro capture of dianthus in the front garden. I like the frilly curled petals.

Verbena Uploaded: 06/02/17 3:18 AM GMT

Image: Verbena

Cromwell, Connecticut, USA. Some verbena from one of many flowers pots on the porch and patio. Taken with a macro lens. Happy Foofy Friday!

View from the Pinnacle Uploaded: 05/31/17 1:58 AM GMT

Image: View from the Pinnacle

Cromwell, Connecticut, USA. A Nellie Moser Clematis bloom is being viewed by an insect.

Portrait of a Black Vulture Uploaded: 04/09/17 1:59 AM GMT

Image: Portrait of a Black Vulture

Everglades National Park, Florida, USA. Used to being near humans, this black vulture stood still for me, allowing me to get quite close, as though posing for the portrait.

Naples Pier Uploaded: 03/07/17 5:25 PM GMT

Image: Naples Pier

Naples, Florida, USA. A photo taken beneath the Naples Pier. One thousand feet long, it has three-pillar supports and Brazilian walnut decking. The original pier was built in 1888, replaced and rebuilt several times since. Hoping to capture a dramatic sunset, enjoying beautiful weather meant that there were few clouds in the sky. The first night were there, an exiting storm system provided a few clouds - photos to be posted at a later date. After that - clear skies. This photo is a daytime capture of the right side of the structure. To my left was a couple enjoying the sun while lying in hammocks they tied to the columns - lucky them! This b/w/ is posted for Lyn's Wednesday challenge.

Time to Go Uploaded: 02/28/17 2:17 AM GMT

Image: Time to Go

Everglades National Park, Florida, USA. An osprey leaving the nest, flying right overhead. (Fortunately, it dropped no gifts while in flight.)

Bashful, Sleepy and Doc Uploaded: 02/13/17 1:14 PM GMT

Image: Bashful, Sleepy and Doc

Everglades National Park, Florida, USA Three cormorants, roosted on a dead mangrove on the Turner River in the Everglades, didn't seem threatened by our passing slowly by in the Carolina Skiff. From a distance, cormorants appear to be fully black-feathered. But, upon a closer look, there is a bit of gray feathering also. Cormorants are diving birds, capable of going as much as 45 meters deep. In the Turner River, that would be a challenge for them, as it is only a few feet deep in the winter dry season. A short distance - as the birds fly - would bring them to deeper waters near the Gulf of Mexico where they could dive for fish.

Bevier House Window Uploaded: 02/12/17 3:22 AM GMT

Image: Bevier House Window

New Paltz, New York, USA Built in 1694-1696 by Louis Bevier, the stone house was purchased by the Eltings in 1760. This British style window replaced a small-paned window by the Eltings. The house is a short distance from my ancestral home, the Abraham Hasbrouck House.

Orchids in a Tree Uploaded: 02/10/17 10:16 AM GMT

Image: Orchids in a Tree

Naples Botanical Garden, Naples, Florida, USA Orchids growing in a tree - an unusual presentation of the blooms by the growers at the garden. Happy Foofy Friday!

Great Blue Heron Uploaded: 02/07/17 2:32 PM GMT

Image: Great Blue Heron

Everglades National Park, Florida, USA Heading up the Turner River, surrounded by mangrove trees, many birds were enjoying the sanctuary of the location. With dappled sunlight filtered by the overhanging mangroves, this heron posed nicely for me. (Please view full size to see the textures and colors of its feathers.)

James Uploaded: 11/16/16 2:09 PM GMT

Image: James

National Constitution Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. James Madison in the Signers Hall, one of the life size bronze statues of all of the signers of the US Constitution. While the Constitutional Convention meetings were held behind closed doors, and no minutes of them were ever published, it is known that Mr. Madison kept notes that provide the few glimpses into what took place. It is also known that while he was the shortest person in attendance, his influence of the writing of the Constitution was large. (The statues were created in EIS Studios in Brooklyn, NY. They researched historical documents in the designs. The background color is that of the wall behind the statue.)

Ben Uploaded: 11/15/16 1:05 AM GMT

Image: Ben

National Constitution Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Signers Hall contains life size bronze statues of all of the signers of the US Constitution. At age 79 and in ill-health, Benjamin Franklin attended the Constitution Convention meetings faithfully, adding his wisdom to the dialog. (The statues were created in EIS Studios in Brooklyn, NY. They researched historical documents in the designs.)

Butterfly Bush and Friend Uploaded: 08/12/16 12:50 AM GMT

Image: Butterfly Bush and Friend

Cromwell, Connecticut, USA. It has been an extremely bury few weeks - my apologies for not commenting on some very fine photos being posted by friends. The busy-ness continues for a while, too. A week ago, I got this little one to stop long enough for a photo. Being Foofy Friday, enjoy the Butterfly Bush and its friend.