mizzhoffman's Journal

Couleur Knot Uploaded: 02/22/11 1:05 AM GMT

Image: Couleur Knot

A photo I had manipulated the color. I used Photoscape for Windows. :)

And I thought it was going to bloom red. Uploaded: 01/22/11 8:14 PM GMT

Image: And I thought it was going to bloom red.

A photo of my hibiscus tree with it's lovely blossom. I helped clear out my mom's house plant collection and took our 20 y/o Hibiscus plant, which I thought was a deep red blossom... turns out it was the peach one I grabbed!

Original of Self revised Uploaded: 12/31/10 5:33 PM GMT

Image: Original of Self revised

Here is the photo I re-worked to become my photo art called " Self" in my gallery :)

Self revised Uploaded: 12/29/10 5:59 AM GMT

Image: Self revised

A revision of a photo of myself from 2007. The program I used is called PhotoScape. Notice how short my dreadlocks were at the time :)

old fashioned beauty Uploaded: 05/16/08 5:59 AM GMT

Image: old fashioned beauty

A simple color zapped snap of one of the peaches and cream Roses I received as a gift. I love the classic Black and White look~