mmynx34's Journal

Baby Impala Uploaded: 01/15/14 7:42 PM GMT

Image: Baby Impala

The sweetest thing ever to see.. they are so curious but also so busy and quite difficult to capture,specially when they are in a playful mood.. this one was kind enough to give us a quick "pose". Hope you are still enjoying the tour through the KNP... Mom will start posting tomorrow, she picked up a bad flu while away and is a bit better now... thank you for all the kind comments. I have started to work again today and things are a bit hectic, so please pardon me if I don't get time everyday to comment or say thank you.. I try to stay up to date, but with work so busy, it's not always possibile but I will try to catch up over weekends. Have a blessed week

Zebra Collage Uploaded: 12/28/13 7:41 PM GMT

Image: Zebra Collage

Digging deep again and found these Zebra pics.. Hope you like this one too

Alone and forgotten Uploaded: 12/26/13 6:18 PM GMT

Image: Alone and forgotten

Found this old what used to be a house in a nature reserve we drove through about a year ago. Wonder what stories it would be able to tell Played around with colour and settings as it was just after winter and it was very grey and dull. Hope you like it and thank you for stopping by and commenting :)

Saying Graze... ?? Uploaded: 10/09/09 8:36 PM GMT

Image: Saying Graze... ??

And ready for lunch.. Warthog.. quite a young one.. mid winter last year so they were quite skinny.. Kruger National Park

Ivory Carrier 5 Uploaded: 10/07/09 9:32 PM GMT

Image: Ivory Carrier 5

One of the younger Ivory Carriers of the Kruger Park. Have a great day!!

Ivory Carrier 4 Uploaded: 10/06/09 7:46 PM GMT

Image: Ivory Carrier 4

Taken last year winter in the Kruger National Park. Hope your not tired of these giant yet! :) i just love them!

Ivory Carrier 3 Uploaded: 10/05/09 7:30 PM GMT

Image: Ivory Carrier 3

Just another.. until i have beter ones to post :) Kruger National Park

Ivory Carrier 2 Uploaded: 10/04/09 7:42 PM GMT

Image: Ivory Carrier 2

Another big foot from the Kruger National park, taken about a year ago. Enjoy

Ivory Carrier Uploaded: 10/03/09 11:41 AM GMT

Image: Ivory Carrier

Kruger National Park South Africa Enjoy :)

Happy Thoughts? Uploaded: 09/12/09 6:07 PM GMT

Image: Happy Thoughts?

Trying my hand at "people shots" and playing around with the B&W effect.. this is a pic I took of my daughter (Emmie9) this week on her way to her first Spring Ball. Comments and critiques welcome.

That look.... into the future Uploaded: 01/19/09 8:12 PM GMT

Image: That look.... into the future

His eyes caught my attention... another in the series of kids of Africa.. it's the kids that are the future.... Comments and critiques welcome.. please