nessalovesnature's Journal

Color Pencil Uploaded: 03/27/11 4:19 PM GMT

Image: Color Pencil

This one is for Blithe =)This is a color pencil drawing I did a while back.

Thirsty Grasshopper 2 Uploaded: 03/18/11 9:49 PM GMT

Image: Thirsty Grasshopper 2

I was suprised that this little guy was drinking from my water lid.=)

Thirsty Grasshoppers Uploaded: 03/18/11 1:42 AM GMT

Image: Thirsty Grasshoppers

At our jobsite, they had been using really bright lights while working the night shift. When I would come in, in the mornings these little guys were everywhere. I had sat a bottle of water down and a bunch had landed on it. It made me a little curious so I spilled some of the water out and the ones close to it instantly started sucking on the water droplets. This was taken last year during the drought season, so that could be why they acted like that.

Message in a Bottle Uploaded: 03/12/11 5:00 PM GMT

Image: Message in a Bottle

I was strolling around in Land Between The Lakes like always. I picked up this bottle with intentions on taking it home and throwing it away. After realizing it had it's own little ecosystem going on inside, I sat it down (after having a little photo shoot of course) and left it there. The little bottle, with its tiny array of ferns and such, made me realize how diverse nature can be. She will always find a way. =)