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Madenur Dam Uploaded: 04/28/11 3:15 AM GMT

Image: Madenur Dam

Madenur Dam was constructed before its mighty cousin, Linganamakki Dam was built. After the completion of the Linganamakki Dam, this dam got submerged. This dam is a engineering marvel, constructed using clay, jaggery and limestone, the dam is still intact even after almost 70 years!!

All comments are welcome. Please be critical, I love to know what I can improve

Blue Jasmine Uploaded: 04/27/11 3:58 AM GMT

Image: Blue Jasmine

I think this is Blue Jasmine. Found this one in the local park

All comments are welcome. Please be critical, I love to know what I can improve

Make a wish Uploaded: 04/26/11 4:41 AM GMT

Image: Make a wish


Grace Uploaded: 04/25/11 5:14 AM GMT

Image: Grace

Name says it all :)

Happy Easter Uploaded: 04/24/11 6:22 AM GMT

Image: Happy Easter

Someone is consistently giving 2 for all my images in VB. I guess that person likes my image so much or thinks 2 is highest in VB, lol

Happy holidays for you all, Enjoy :)

Sweet Red Uploaded: 04/23/11 2:18 AM GMT

Image: Sweet Red

My wife said Red should be sweet, but this one is bit harsh. I did a tiny winy edit (just tweaked curves in photoshop). Rest is unalteared and presented as it is. So what do you think?

For Skates Uploaded: 04/22/11 2:15 AM GMT

Image: For Skates

I'm dedicating this flower for our dear friend, Skates. I love the cards she makes for everyone here. So this is my small gift to her. I like this unique flower (I don't know the name of this flower).

Balancing Act - 2 Uploaded: 04/20/11 3:33 AM GMT

Image: Balancing Act - 2

The previous shot can be seen in this Link. Please help me in judging which one is better.

Balancing act Uploaded: 04/19/11 3:09 AM GMT

Image: Balancing act

I've got one more similar shot of this bee, and not sure which one is better. So I'm uploading both, please let me know which one you like

Busy Bee... Uploaded: 04/18/11 2:40 AM GMT

Image: Busy Bee...

Just another Bee...

Hello... Anybody home? Uploaded: 04/17/11 5:44 AM GMT

Image: Hello... Anybody home?

Bee, busy in her daily routine...

Pink Hibiscus Uploaded: 04/15/11 3:05 AM GMT

Image: Pink Hibiscus

Taken from my AF-S VR Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/2.8G IF-ED lens. This is the first photo from my macro lens I'm uploading here. Hope you like it.

All comments are welcome. Please be critical, I want to know what I can improve.