ro_and's Journal

variation in green Uploaded: 03/16/15 4:37 PM GMT

Image: variation in green

just another view ....

the original ... as far as i can see Uploaded: 03/16/15 4:34 PM GMT

Image: the original ... as far as i can see

might be better in quality ....

green rocks Uploaded: 03/15/15 9:01 AM GMT

Image: green rocks

this is again my favourite beach, just another angle ....

dragon ride Uploaded: 03/11/15 8:02 PM GMT

Image: dragon ride

well nothing to say here ....

Fort of Peniche Uploaded: 02/22/15 1:36 PM GMT

Image: Fort of Peniche

a nice town in the north of Lisboa on a wonderful day for travelling ....

hunter Uploaded: 10/27/13 8:33 AM GMT

Image: hunter

i had the chance to go on a boattrip to see whale, bear and other animals, on the way back they actually called them eagles and did feed them....otherwise no chance for that picture .....

railway Uploaded: 10/01/13 8:37 AM GMT

Image: railway

have seen many railwaymuseums and always the steamloks were so big chance to make a proper picture, so i tried this ...

have a break Uploaded: 06/14/13 6:15 AM GMT

Image: have a break

i will travel BC til end of August, so wish you all a wonderful summer/winter :-) i may come back with lots of pictures ....Ro

so quiet up here Uploaded: 10/08/12 3:35 PM GMT

Image: so quiet up here

most exciting when you see the Aletsch glacier first time, but when you look at mountains at the left and right side of the glacier you can see how much it melted over the last 100 years......

soft and yellow Uploaded: 05/10/12 8:11 PM GMT

Image: soft and yellow

tried to find the lines.....

wintertime Uploaded: 01/02/12 12:09 AM GMT

Image: wintertime

that is how i wish a winter has to be.....unfortunatly there is only rain today......

sunday 6 the planet Uploaded: 11/09/11 9:28 PM GMT

Image: sunday 6 the planet

so often we see things without percieving you may see, sometimes i like the unexpected......even as DT

peppermill Uploaded: 10/10/11 12:22 AM GMT

Image: peppermill

just to capture something totally

sun still shines Uploaded: 05/15/11 12:14 AM GMT

Image: sun still shines

i am still with you, althou not very busy with my camera.... times are not the same always.....i hope you all do well and you enjoy your times

dancing drops Uploaded: 10/16/10 4:07 PM GMT

Image: dancing drops

to make shure you don't get bored of Scottland ...;-)) i came across a fountain in a town i visited and tried to catch the jumping water, just have a look at it and enjoy

Scotland impressions XI Uploaded: 10/05/10 4:39 PM GMT

Image: Scotland impressions XI

a sunny afternoon

the nail number 2 Uploaded: 07/26/10 3:26 PM GMT

Image: the nail number 2

many different shapes and forms to find there....

the barbecue Uploaded: 04/30/10 8:56 AM GMT

Image: the barbecue

we had a fire going on and were preparing the salads and sidedishes when the sun created this on our table, another try of getting a different view....

draculaesk Uploaded: 04/19/10 7:24 PM GMT

Image: draculaesk

found that one when i was trying to get some system in my bin, worth showing....? or not ?

snowline Uploaded: 03/23/10 9:19 PM GMT

Image:  snowline

tried something, i did about 100 pictures to get 4 or 5 good ones, let me know what you like about wind and snow, i ask with a smile in my face, cause you all are waiting for springflowers lol