rvdb's Journal

My New Home Uploaded: 01/02/11 3:02 PM GMT

Image: My New Home

My New Home always wanted a house on the waterfront. ;0)

Moon Uploaded: 12/21/10 1:41 PM GMT

Image: Moon manip.

Walking Uploaded: 10/22/10 7:01 PM GMT

Image: Walking

Going out on a limb here friends well kind of. Have been posting awhile now and always appreciate the comments on the pictures and images. But there are some pictures and images I made which I enjoy/like so much that I kept them for myself. Maybe afraid of the big C or Comments but making the images and not sharing I want to share my all time personal favorite image Walking. I hope you enjoy for me the light and shadows and the girl looking at the arch made me some how connect to the image. As it's my personal favorite I am not saying it 's perfect or technically special would like to know what you think thanks for any or all comments.