shedhead's Journal

Over looking Durham Uploaded: 08/29/12 8:51 PM GMT

Image: Over looking Durham

Durham Cathedral,Taken just before Sunsett.

A Night on the Tyne Uploaded: 04/02/12 6:59 PM GMT

Image: A Night on the Tyne

On this night I tried,loads of differant settings,on my camara,and they were all out of focus,If any one has any advise ,on taking shots at night time .They are most welcome.

Tynemouth Priory Uploaded: 06/22/11 12:32 AM GMT

Image: Tynemouth Priory

We were Tynemouth last night,and the sun lit up the rocks and the Priory,

Newcastle Uploaded: 10/30/10 8:26 PM GMT

Image: Newcastle

Newcastle, Castle,all the year,s I have past this Castle,and never stepped inside,the place,To get this shot I had to take it from,over the river.

Gateway to the North Uploaded: 08/29/09 11:46 AM GMT

Image: Gateway to the  North

The Angel of the North,stands above the A1 road,at Gateshead.There was people all over the place,I had to clone ,them all out.

On the Rocks Uploaded: 04/01/09 7:44 PM GMT

Image: On the Rocks

A small Bay near Whitley Bay