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Upper Falls II Uploaded: 01/21/18 4:41 PM GMT

Image: Upper Falls II

Just a different advantage point from here

Frozen Bubbles II Uploaded: 01/06/18 8:22 PM GMT

Image: Frozen Bubbles II

Taken the same day as Frozen Bubble I on the same branch to support or stick to. just a little different. No biggie,childs-play!lol

Frozen Bubble I Uploaded: 01/05/18 5:21 PM GMT

Image: Frozen Bubble I

Bubbles just arent for summer fun alone...but you have to work fast in -3 degrees F, no wind...and get one to stick without it popping. I got a few more I'll post later.


Tunnel Vision Uploaded: 12/11/17 7:55 AM GMT

Image: Tunnel Vision

I like this topic better :) I'm placing this one under Manipulation because...well if i don't I feel some will have a fit, not that I care either way!

However, I do care that the general public that might see it? think this can be done with a camera. then again, to some degree it actually can be while moving. I'll spare you the techno jargon

Actually in the sense of a Manipulation ( Pixels added, or pixels subtracted) it really isnt...just merely smeared.

Double Truss Bridge Uploaded: 12/07/17 7:00 AM GMT

Image: Double Truss Bridge

Almost screwed up and labeled it under Bridge...force of habit. little trickery on the graffiti, so it is a manip. it was there...well sorta, just in a different location. moved it around a bit. after all, whats an old bridge without being vandalized. thats about the only part i like out of the shot. nothing like a nice unnoticed blend, reflection and all.

I have more of this bridge in different perspectives. climbed all over it that day after a hard search in the woods to find it. On the might Grand River in Lowell Mi. felt like a kid again exploring and finding something cool out of no where :) by the time i did find it it was high noon and not a get time to shoot where it was positioned with the sun. maybe it would look better this winter with snow and maybe some ice...idk!


Golden Geese Uploaded: 12/03/17 10:11 PM GMT

Image: Golden Geese

Yes, i did have this one up a few days ago, No, its not been Rework. however, due to an oversight on my behave.."I Do Apologize" was best to just pull it down in good faith until after the contest was underway. not only because of the picture but the title as well. I do want it in my Gallery regardless! so out of respect it was just best done this way...sorry for any confusion.


Chain of lakes Uploaded: 12/03/17 1:23 AM GMT

Image: Chain of lakes

Of course this is just one of them. I believe 7 in total connected by small rivers/creeks or channels, whatever you want to call them, easy enough to get a canoe or small boat through to each lake. In a area with 52 lakes here in the Irish Hills? one doesn't have to travel far to see this all the time. Was a good day to be out with no wind, or a subtle summer breeze at best.

No this isnt HDR. a little color and contrast correction. and not a flip either, look close and you can see some ripples. was basically from the card this way. I have far too many of these. Its just like deer, so i just dont have much interest for shooting them anymore.

bottom right corner is someone's fishing bobber, just noticed it myself.


Peaceful Break Uploaded: 11/23/17 3:52 AM GMT

Image: Peaceful Break

Seem like a nice place for a break down deep in the ledge at the river walk(Grand Ledge Mi) along the Grand River, quite a sight to see! this is just a branch off the Grand River itself. little out of the place, not too used trail...The best Kind!

Found a little panted yellow rock with the word "Dance" painted on it in black. I know this is a growing tread around the country at "find a rock dot com". I wasn't able to locate whether one was placed there or not, I'm not that familiar to the site so i couldn't log it as found, I suppose with all the nature walks in search of pictures i go on, I will place it for another lucky soul to find.

Conkle Hollow Uploaded: 11/11/17 9:09 PM GMT

Image: Conkle Hollow

Conkle Hollow Nature Preserve, Hocking Hills, Ohio,

not much to call a waterfall at this point but a trickle and some mist. and the sun beaning in. as for what catogory it should go? I dont really care.

Fallasberg Covered Bridge. Uploaded: 11/07/17 1:48 AM GMT

Image: Fallasberg Covered Bridge.

I'm thinking the Categories should be updated for an HDR choice, ohwell, bridges it it.

The little white streaks you see in the water is not my doing, other then with long exposure time. that's Cotton wood tree seeds. here in Mi at a certain time of year they are every where in the water. like little white this case? ones in motion that gave off so rather cool streaks.


Autumn Above Uploaded: 11/01/17 8:27 PM GMT

Image: Autumn Above

I seem to have caught some color from the trees above in the reflection...hence the title. this is the back side of The "Devils Bath Tub" rather eerie i might add. I have a few more of the tub but time to put this subject to rest for now.


The Devils Bath Tub Uploaded: 11/01/17 12:17 AM GMT

Image: The Devils Bath Tub

The Title is actually the name, not to be confused with the one in V.A. I believe it is. this is whats at the end of yesterdays post..."Reflective Approach" it was a rather muddy-ed up post but one I felt should go up first,in front of this one. The one here is the only reason...or "Main" reason I went to Hocking Hills. took me 3 yrs to get the timing planned. all from just a video i seen on YouTube of it....and it rained all but 1 of 5 days we were there lol. It still didnt stop me! to most it might not look like much, to me? if you have any idea of what i have been through in the last 3 yrs? huge mile stone...and dreams dont die, only you let them!

Im sure our good friend Nik knows how and why this is formed this way and its quite unique, the scope of it will be revealed in the days to come. why they call it the devils tub? havent a clue! it could easily be mine :) i have more pic to share in the days to come, as i get them done. The editing on these are not easy but no means in a gorge. using a technique of my own and a mixture of Trey Raticliff(very well known for his HDR)

Ironic I got it ready just in time for Halloween to post with a name like that.

Enjoy! i sure did.

Upper Falls Uploaded: 10/30/17 2:16 AM GMT

Image: Upper Falls

Took a little trip down to Hocking Hills Ohio, Beautiful place! pictures hardly do it justice. huge place!

While editing this one? I didn't feel like going too crazy on it. we sometimes tend to go way over board with the HDR or do very little at all, thinking you want to keep it natural. The camera is no match for the eyes in your head! so a little editing is important to those of you that think its not necessary.

Then you get to the final task of sharpening...there's an option one can easily over do it! this one i left subtle because clarity wasn't achieve to my liking and sharpen can be performed...but always at a cost! with that said, noise! and is it really worth it? not always, just depends on many factors.

The actual distance here would have challenge any piece of glass. its a lot further then one would think...and a fall that was about 70-80ft(im thinking) I was a little to close for comfort as it was. i have more from down below looking up

point being: looks are deceiving and sharpness is truly reserved for close ups, so don't worry about it so much, the trade off isn't worth it. experiment a little and then draw it up will see your efforts in vane. or? muddy the hell out of it in HDR :)

just my thoughts, your comments and critiques are more then welcome, as aways! im just a rookie with a hobby.


Autumn Lights Uploaded: 10/22/17 2:45 PM GMT

Image: Autumn Lights

Not much you can do with one of these but take from the card and hope for the best when it happens.

I've been having some great timing with Light Trails lately. little after 6am I cross the bridge and got set up for morning traffic. first a car, then a truck, with some type of emergency light on the top. just as he enter the bridge he turned them on! huge bonus. then a garbage truck passes by and turns the corner just before the Fassasburg Covered Bridge, blasting the trees about with light.


Silhouette Shadows Reflection Uploaded: 10/13/17 10:45 PM GMT

Image: Silhouette Shadows Reflection

few mistake i had to fixed that i couldn't leave as is.

again...this is not a manipulation like most would pixels added or deleted. no layers involved, just used LR to enhance..thats it! and i do have all three! silhouette, shadow, reflection.

Covered Foot Bridge Uploaded: 10/11/17 1:45 AM GMT

Image: Covered Foot Bridge

Just another Bridge at McCourie park.

It's highly unlikely in the morning as the fog is burning off from the sun that you will see a blue sky in this direction. the other direction? sure. I've shot under condition like this too many mornings and its always the same! so that sky is a replacement in total. all the rest you see was there. in fact i got wet shooting this one just to get that sun in position. Enjoy!

Arch Foot Bridge Uploaded: 10/09/17 8:19 AM GMT

Image: Arch Foot Bridge

I do love my bridges!

Pumpkin head Uploaded: 10/06/17 7:20 PM GMT

Image: Pumpkin head

Not sure what Category to place this one under. I think the title is fitting for the season. Its not a manipulation! More of a long-exposer but not as long as most a do at night...about 47 secs in all.

The full moon was out but very cloudy with storms on the way and moving fast, which you can see they're racing a bit in motion, in the picture. I had to wait for the moon to duck behind them or it would've been just a smear of light, not to pleasing in the pic. I suppose a double exposure with the moon is always possible. Would look a little funny with it sitting still and the clouds racing by.

The moon would have taken away for all the action below my opinion) So i just enhanced the picture a bit in LR and left it as is. little off centered but when you got 10 sec on the timer to get in place and use the lighter to start some flame going...easy to get miss placed from your mark.ooop!

Ohwell, it is what it is...Enjoy!

Gateway Bridge to Detroit Uploaded: 10/02/17 3:59 PM GMT

Image: Gateway Bridge to Detroit

The Gateway Bridge was developed by the Detroit Regional Gateway Advisory Council (DRGAC) in preparation for Super Bowl XL, hosted in nearby Detroit in February 2006. It was one of several improvements made in the mid-2000s along 18 miles (29 km) of Interstate 94. The bridge cost $14 million and was part of an approximately $520 million on I-94 improvements. The unique design meant that the cost was $2 million higher than conventional plate-girder bridges, causing public controversy. Private funds were largely used to cover the increase.

I grew up around here about 3 miles or so from it. use to jog under it on a 5.3 mile course i did every day. it sure didnt look like this back then! sure am glad to have moved out of that hell hole!...and out in the country side more then 60 miles away. this is rush hour just before dawn. perfect for Traffic Light Trails.

Hawk Fly By Uploaded: 09/29/17 3:06 PM GMT

Image: Hawk Fly By

This reflection stuff is a bit on the simpleton side. maybe move on to silhouettes and shadows? or is it a requisite to have all three. strange topic in a contest to avoid having a we stick all three together and it makes it something we haven't done before? oookay!

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