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Arch Foot Bridge Uploaded: 10/09/17 8:19 AM GMT

Image: Arch Foot Bridge

I do love my bridges!

Pumpkin head Uploaded: 10/06/17 7:20 PM GMT

Image: Pumpkin head

Not sure what Category to place this one under. I think the title is fitting for the season. Its not a manipulation! More of a long-exposer but not as long as most a do at night...about 47 secs in all.

The full moon was out but very cloudy with storms on the way and moving fast, which you can see they're racing a bit in motion, in the picture. I had to wait for the moon to duck behind them or it would've been just a smear of light, not to pleasing in the pic. I suppose a double exposure with the moon is always possible. Would look a little funny with it sitting still and the clouds racing by.

The moon would have taken away for all the action below my opinion) So i just enhanced the picture a bit in LR and left it as is. little off centered but when you got 10 sec on the timer to get in place and use the lighter to start some flame going...easy to get miss placed from your mark.ooop!

Ohwell, it is what it is...Enjoy!

Gateway Bridge to Detroit Uploaded: 10/02/17 3:59 PM GMT

Image: Gateway Bridge to Detroit

The Gateway Bridge was developed by the Detroit Regional Gateway Advisory Council (DRGAC) in preparation for Super Bowl XL, hosted in nearby Detroit in February 2006. It was one of several improvements made in the mid-2000s along 18 miles (29 km) of Interstate 94. The bridge cost $14 million and was part of an approximately $520 million on I-94 improvements. The unique design meant that the cost was $2 million higher than conventional plate-girder bridges, causing public controversy. Private funds were largely used to cover the increase.

I grew up around here about 3 miles or so from it. use to jog under it on a 5.3 mile course i did every day. it sure didnt look like this back then! sure am glad to have moved out of that hell hole!...and out in the country side more then 60 miles away. this is rush hour just before dawn. perfect for Traffic Light Trails.

Hawk Fly By Uploaded: 09/29/17 3:06 PM GMT

Image: Hawk Fly By

This reflection stuff is a bit on the simpleton side. maybe move on to silhouettes and shadows? or is it a requisite to have all three. strange topic in a contest to avoid having a we stick all three together and it makes it something we haven't done before? oookay!

daze and Confused

Reflections over Hidden Lake Gardens Uploaded: 09/28/17 2:20 PM GMT

Image: Reflections over Hidden Lake Gardens

Little hidden gem out my way. favorite place for the Tigs when she comes up on vacation. lots to photograph.

Norvell Covered Bridge in green Uploaded: 09/23/17 8:38 PM GMT

Image: Norvell Covered Bridge in green

Totally different shot and time of the season on this one, same bridge as posted yesterday, yet the clarity isnt there! but as you can see...same reflection! not sure what it is about this place. suppose i could go shoot again since i got permission from the owner the first time.

Theres only one i got that has super clarity for the distance you have to shoot. i thought it was posted. its alot like yesterdays painting look one(fall shot) but the sky is white and reflects that down on the water. never was really happy with it. suppose i could replace the clarity one with swapping out just the bridge...then again, just not that important when i can just go shoot it again, just around the corner from where i live. interesting subject nonetheless. cool thing to have in your yard.


Norvell Covered Bridge Uploaded: 09/22/17 11:29 PM GMT

Image: Norvell Covered Bridge

Thought i might revisit this one, yes its the same one i used in Pitched Window so it does look familiar. never was much clarity to make it a good picture, great for a joke in PS and maybe now a painting.

Nope! no HDR software was used for this one, this one was all done by hand. those that have been editing awhile will know exactly what i mean. not to meantion a daunting task it can be! lot and lots of hours with different brushes...over and over! the way it use to be done.

Lowell Mi Train Trestle Bridge Uploaded: 09/21/17 11:55 PM GMT

Image: Lowell Mi Train Trestle Bridge

just something i stumbled upon while out shooting something else. tucked away hidden in the woods...Enjoy!

Light trails on M66 Uploaded: 09/15/17 10:52 PM GMT

Image: Light trails on M66

while on my way to another bridge i crossed under this one. had to do it! lots of traffic speeding by and Semi's as well. just as i was putting the cap on the lenes and calling in quiets, a squad car was behind me with flashing lights. seems they frawn down upon people standing in the middle of the road at 5am in Ionia the officer was nice about it, she could have given me a ticket just as well. Enjoy!

Sailboat in the Sunset Uploaded: 09/01/17 10:18 AM GMT

Image: Sailboat in the Sunset

This is breaking rules i know people that wont dare point their camera into the when you're warned it means: done leave it pointed there dummy! warnings are for complete idiots in most cases.


1/2500 sec

ISO 800

120mm (with a 300mm)

heres the trick to a shot like this...

meter "spot"

As you can see from the values i reduce the light coming into the camera as least as and out fast! Spot meter off the sun telling the camera that the bright light was the average over all light.(darkens the rest) you can see from the postion of the sun that there was plenty of light outside still so for it to look dark out? was just explained. this is a great option to get silhouette shots. think of it in terms of the opposite with lighting conditions? poor lighting. will become very useful. people under estimate the metering selections, pass them up altogether. its the first thing i evaluate before i take a shot...whats the lighting conditions out, or inside to the effect i want? or you can bury yourself in software for hours to make the shot...not into it! let the camera do the most for you. thats why they give you that flexibility in a DSLR, use it! for 4 yrs i been pointing that canon body into the sun and it works just but do whats right for you. your missing out on a lot of great shots, in Raw metering is not an option to change

Software: a layer of blur and a little vignette to draw your attention to the sun and the boat...and if you look close enough? thats not one boat! theres two there, the sail boat is in its all about illusions :)

Homer Covered Bridge Uploaded: 08/31/17 9:39 AM GMT

Image: Homer Covered Bridge

odd one to say the least, only winter makes it look worth anything interestng at the time to shoot. yes, i do love my bridges.

Storms a Brewing Uploaded: 08/30/17 9:32 AM GMT

Image: Storms a Brewing

wicked day while out shooting, trying to stay ahead of the storm on my way to a location called "The Ledges". was a sight to see! pictures dont do it justice.

Sunset over Jackson Mi Uploaded: 08/29/17 1:23 PM GMT

Image: Sunset over Jackson Mi

sunset straight from the card, i get tired of all that editing for nothing. its beauty like it is. just a matter of playing around with your picture styles and the color to get the hue you want and proper metering adjustment before you hit that shutter button...done.

Reflection at Sharon Mills Uploaded: 08/28/17 6:38 AM GMT

Image: Reflection at Sharon Mills

very little was done to this one, usualy level, contast and color corrections I do at the start of just about ever picture before i get started. I could have taken it a lot further. fine just as it is! its just amazing the water was that still not to share it. that morning was no wind or disturbances. this is the actual reflection. captured...remember this one Tigs?

Starry Night lake Uploaded: 08/26/17 3:11 AM GMT

Image: Starry Night lake

Just another starry night out late at the lake


Star Bound Uploaded: 08/24/17 12:55 AM GMT

Image: Star Bound

Something a little different. I'll have to perfect this a little better. takes all night just to get 4 or 5 pics with the long exposure times. I'ts rather fun to experiment with and not too difficult. just locate that north star and find a rather dark place to work in. Enjoy!

Milham Cobble Stone Bridge Uploaded: 08/22/17 7:02 PM GMT

Image: Milham Cobble Stone Bridge

Easier just to place the link here if you care to read up on it. this site is where i get all my infor for chasing bridges.

Very few of this type left. im almost certain i read somewhere these two in this park were the only ones left..which is the reason i stopped there...idk, maybe not. Yes! i do love bridges.

Autumn Foot Bridge Uploaded: 08/21/17 10:44 PM GMT

Image: Autumn Foot Bridge

Just a stroll in the morning as the sun burns off the fog. Enjoy!

Masonic Temple Building Uploaded: 08/21/17 12:15 AM GMT

Image: Masonic Temple Building

We get to playing around with these things they can get out of control very quickly, software, filters

Yet Clarity is the one thing most just spend more money to achieve a higher level, most cases that's exactly what you have to do..its all about that glass! now if your using PS? most will sharpen with a unsharpen mask and think its great! and really? its not bad. there's also one technique thats list in the discussion boards about high pass layers. it was used here (in overlay mode) compared to unsharpen mask. the high pass was much more effective with less noise. its not to say i dont have a little too much here on this file already... that came from the HDR process to give it a 3D painterly look, which i love my stuff more surreal then real...we all have our preference and i like them "all" personally!

however, in any case, or style you choose? provided your using PS dont just try one and then stick to just that very one technique of sharpening. ive made this mistake! of course LR has a nice choice as well, and many other programs! these are just my findings and result to share. just some thoughts with Sharpening, is all.

Now if you comment below with your skills and equipment dont need to be sharpen? your just lying to me and your self :) same as if you dont shoot in raw because you always get it right the first time in jpeg.

Happy Shooting to all of you! no matter what you use to shoot with or the software use to edit. its been my pleasure learning so much from all of you just by viewing :)

Sunrise over Tamarack lake Uploaded: 08/19/17 11:26 PM GMT

Image: Sunrise over Tamarack lake

Just one of those mornings out early on a hot humid summer day...those are the best! makes me wish i brought the fishing pole.