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Pitcher Window Uploaded: 02/04/17 5:59 PM GMT

Image: Pitcher Window

Thought I might crash this windows contest party, if none of you don't mind? This would be the reason your mother always told you not to play ball in the house!

All the pictures used here are mine. done in PS... and LR FOR some enhancement.

Enjoy :)

Caedes is Kill'in Me! Uploaded: 01/23/17 10:29 PM GMT

Image: Caedes is Kill'in Me!

Technical Problems Uploaded: 01/18/17 2:09 AM GMT

Image: Technical Problems

I'm Back! :)

Sorry for the absence. i seem to of had some technical difficulty. as you can see a Hard Drive froze up and then fried on me.

all is good now with a shadow copy backup and a new hard drive...little problem with the dual monitors that had me stumped and thought i burned up a video card, as well. just a little over sight thinking the worest, as it is most of the time! none of didnt think i could be rid of so easily, did ya's? ;)

This is all staged photography with a little help of some enhancements in Lightroom and the cold weather...Brrrrr!

Bo in the Sun Uploaded: 01/10/17 3:18 PM GMT

Image: Bo in the Sun

Snow Bow II Uploaded: 01/09/17 3:40 AM GMT

Image: Snow Bow II

Snow Bow Uploaded: 01/09/17 3:23 AM GMT

Image: Snow Bow

The General Uploaded: 01/08/17 3:07 AM GMT

Image: The General


Night Light Uploaded: 01/08/17 1:44 AM GMT

Image: Night Light

Final Destination Uploaded: 01/07/17 4:33 AM GMT

Image: Final Destination

Like a bad ending to a roadrunner cartoon.

these splits are always fun to play with...little tricky getting rid of the seam...or so it seems.

The Weeping Willow Uploaded: 01/07/17 3:44 AM GMT

Image: The Weeping Willow

If by chance some of you have the old one to this post(Connie? you should see some difference. some chromatic aberration(defringe) removed, my foot prints in the dew on the grass, as i backed up to line the tree up to block the morning sun...ect

I had this posted for a long time for a fallin comrade and friend. i forget the whole narrative that once was wrote

Something on the lines of: every leaf on this tree represents all the good times and bad times we shared... it weeps for a reason..or it is I that does now. we had know each other from such a young age! that we never even remembered meeting. hunting and fishing partners, covering for each other more times then I care to

Been two years now. as the snow falls, so does the times as kids throwing snowballs at cars just to get chased for the thrill of memories like that on a cold lonely night flood back. cant pick up the phone to call no later but still remember the number to dail.

Its not often you'll have someone..if anyone that you know will always have your back...and you have his in return. he wasnt one that would come bail me out of jail after a bar fight, he was the one in the same cell that would say the next morning "what the hell happen last night" as i would just smile...and nothing but a grin came back in return.

This post had to be returned in its rightful place. it was dedicated to him because there was one we used to climb as kids. 50 yr friendships dont come but maybe once in a life time. This ones for you Al!

Road To Nowhere Uploaded: 01/06/17 2:00 AM GMT

Image: Road To Nowhere


coffee time Uploaded: 01/06/17 1:06 AM GMT

Image: coffee time

My favorite time!

Gt Ranch (main house) Uploaded: 01/01/17 11:43 PM GMT

Image: Gt Ranch (main house)

OJ and Chelsa Clock Tower Uploaded: 01/01/17 3:02 AM GMT

Image: OJ and Chelsa Clock Tower

Login Uploaded: 12/31/16 6:36 AM GMT

Image: Login

Entrance is around back.

Dont forget your password!



waters to reflect upon Uploaded: 12/30/16 10:22 AM GMT

Image: waters to reflect upon

Pathway to Spring Uploaded: 12/27/16 11:08 PM GMT

Image: Pathway to Spring

Snow Globe in the Night Uploaded: 12/17/16 9:38 PM GMT

Image: Snow Globe in the Night

Just wanted a little something to post to wish everyone a safe and Happy Holidays! especially my friend here on Ceades...and anyone else that stops by.

Thank you all for being so patience with my lack of commenting. its been really busy and on a multi-facet level. I have hardly the time to even sit down to create let alone anything else. It's important to keep the spirit alive and pass on some good will and cheer. hopefully, I will get a few more post in before old St Nick arrives.

Happy New Years to All.

no tricky here. just some staged shooting in front of the tree. the Reindeer in the globe were silver and silhouetted in the dark of the night. to make them glow green? simple flash light with a green lens and some tissue covered it to defuse the lights brightness. PooF! green glowing Reindeer without going into softwares.

f2.8 1/6th, ISO 100, -1step, 40mm, Center Weight, custom WB No Flash. time shot: 4:22am...I seriously need a life! lol


original to "Turbulent Times" Uploaded: 12/15/16 6:14 PM GMT

Image: original to

What I posted(thumbnail in upper right corner here yesterday? This is the original I worked from. This is what your camera gives at high noon with over exposed/underexposed areas at the same time.


Turbulent Times Uploaded: 12/14/16 8:29 PM GMT

Image: Turbulent Times

Just an play on an old picture i did some time back. Maybe i'll post the original this came from tomorrow. now that there's so many layers, layer mask, adjustment layers, im starting to get Dizzy in the file.

No need to fret! As you can see, With all hard times, The sun shines again. Of course everyone on shore is about to be Totally annihilated first...Sorry I dont give happy endings, just spell things out in philosophical terms :)

The End!


original pic