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OJ and Chelsa Clock Tower Uploaded: 01/01/17 3:02 AM GMT

Image: OJ and Chelsa Clock Tower

Login Uploaded: 12/31/16 6:36 AM GMT

Image: Login

Entrance is around back.

Dont forget your password!



waters to reflect upon Uploaded: 12/30/16 10:22 AM GMT

Image: waters to reflect upon

Pathway to Spring Uploaded: 12/27/16 11:08 PM GMT

Image: Pathway to Spring

Snow Globe in the Night Uploaded: 12/17/16 9:38 PM GMT

Image: Snow Globe in the Night

Just wanted a little something to post to wish everyone a safe and Happy Holidays! especially my friend here on Ceades...and anyone else that stops by.

Thank you all for being so patience with my lack of commenting. its been really busy and on a multi-facet level. I have hardly the time to even sit down to create let alone anything else. It's important to keep the spirit alive and pass on some good will and cheer. hopefully, I will get a few more post in before old St Nick arrives.

Happy New Years to All.

no tricky here. just some staged shooting in front of the tree. the Reindeer in the globe were silver and silhouetted in the dark of the night. to make them glow green? simple flash light with a green lens and some tissue covered it to defuse the lights brightness. PooF! green glowing Reindeer without going into softwares.

f2.8 1/6th, ISO 100, -1step, 40mm, Center Weight, custom WB No Flash. time shot: 4:22am...I seriously need a life! lol


original to "Turbulent Times" Uploaded: 12/15/16 6:14 PM GMT

Image: original to

What I posted(thumbnail in upper right corner here yesterday? This is the original I worked from. This is what your camera gives at high noon with over exposed/underexposed areas at the same time.


Turbulent Times Uploaded: 12/14/16 8:29 PM GMT

Image: Turbulent Times

Just an play on an old picture i did some time back. Maybe i'll post the original this came from tomorrow. now that there's so many layers, layer mask, adjustment layers, im starting to get Dizzy in the file.

No need to fret! As you can see, With all hard times, The sun shines again. Of course everyone on shore is about to be Totally annihilated first...Sorry I dont give happy endings, just spell things out in philosophical terms :)

The End!


original pic

Blue Icicle imagination Uploaded: 12/12/16 5:19 PM GMT

Image: Blue Icicle imagination

The icicle was actual off the house pointed up at the pines with the reflection frozen within. The hawk?(as poor as the shot was) actaully flew over that very spot, on another day happen! the other images within?...what? it could have happen! i had this up at one time for a contest...didnt do well so i took it down.


Augusta Covered Bridge Uploaded: 12/08/16 9:14 PM GMT

Image: Augusta Covered Bridge

Portholes Uploaded: 12/06/16 6:08 AM GMT

Image: Portholes

Pathway Uploaded: 11/28/16 4:22 PM GMT

Image: Pathway

Drenched Lilly Uploaded: 11/27/16 3:23 PM GMT

Image: Drenched Lilly



My FF Uploaded: 11/26/16 4:49 AM GMT

Image: My FF

Hey I did Flower and on the right day :) however, I have no idea what its called. grows crazy on a vine out front on this pole all brush like.

If you hit with the weedwacker on accident and one pedal is damaged? better stick it your pocket and hide it...or theres all hell to pay.

Something i find strange ladies? how is that its romantic when we pick a couple to give...but the weedwacker touches it just ones time? Stylo is a baaaad boy:( not like there isnt a bunch more.



Stairway to Fall Uploaded: 11/20/16 2:21 AM GMT

Image: Stairway to Fall

Had to add a little more lumber. Seems the Parks and Rec dept. might have been a little tight on the budget. how i do hate a sloppy Carpentry job...all better now :)


Fury Uploaded: 11/18/16 8:49 PM GMT

Image: Fury

Place under Manipulation because...well im beginning to think all photo's are in one way or the other. if it quacks like a duck, therefore it must be one.

This happens as storms raced in today bringing colder air and the warm summer like air we have had?... turns to winter! with snow in the forecast! this is what you get when extreme difference collide. Happens in my parts of this world all the time. its just another day, another season, another year gone by...just another Pic. not much really changes.


Saginaw Castle Uploaded: 11/14/16 10:12 PM GMT

Image: Saginaw Castle

It was and still is the Post Office in Saginaw Mi. this is the building to the left hand side of this post here This is the real reason in which i went to Saginaw that day, this was the prize! the library was just a bonus.

Now of course that isnt Saginaw in the background, thats downtown Jackson Mi. and the Moon? that one is from my back yard.


Point of No Return Uploaded: 11/14/16 1:58 AM GMT

Image: Point of No Return

Through the Morning fog I came upon this Bridge, as it loomed over me like this huge structure was alive. The opening seem to lure me to travel through as if it was going to swallow me up whole if I did not...with or without my compliance it was going to have its way!...I had no choice but to enter in fear of its threating or manipulative powers over me.

Once in inside? The year was now 1897! stated on the plaque it displayed above. Inside it was quite peaceful. The breeze and fog that was once outside no longer exist. A new soft warmer air flow through with a smell that was different somehow, much more clean then before? I thought as I gazed out to see the color of my current world seem to disappear into this now Black in White version, How was this possible! I knew if I stayed or went any further in I wouldnt be coming back, I couldnt! Now stuck between two parallels in time, or what would seem to another like this black hole swallowing them up. What was I to do? Soon the anxious feeling came over me to run back, or was it to walk forward? do I enter a time much simple, clean, less perplex then the one I just came from, or do I run back to the much more complicated one that got me here in the first place? I suppose this very well could be "My Point of No Return" as I calmly and quietly move forward. or would it be backwards? PooF! the camera disappears

poor little Stylo..sniffle sniffle (as Les runs behind "wait you forgot your jacket"


Hoyt Library Uploaded: 11/11/16 1:40 AM GMT

Image: Hoyt Library

Saginaw Mi

Cobble Stone Bridge Uploaded: 11/03/16 9:57 PM GMT

Image: Cobble Stone Bridge

On Golden Pond Uploaded: 11/02/16 10:26 PM GMT

Image: On Golden Pond