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Golden Rod Uploaded: 10/08/16 2:41 PM GMT

Image: Golden Rod

Watkins lake III Uploaded: 10/07/16 1:58 PM GMT

Image: Watkins lake III

Seagull you Fly Uploaded: 10/05/16 6:49 PM GMT

Image: Seagull you Fly

Something a little different, not sure which would be considered negative space, the sky, or the bird and the trees. huummm ENJOY

IMG_1035 Uploaded: 10/04/16 7:31 PM GMT

Image: IMG_1035

Arrow Points to this Way Uploaded: 10/03/16 6:07 PM GMT

Image: Arrow Points to this Way

Negative MilkWheat (part II) Uploaded: 10/01/16 6:53 PM GMT

Image: Negative MilkWheat (part II)

Happy FF (the Stylo way) Uploaded: 09/30/16 9:57 PM GMT

Image: Happy FF (the Stylo way)

Watkins Lake II Uploaded: 09/29/16 7:18 PM GMT

Image: Watkins Lake II

Watkins Lake (new) State Land and Park. Uploaded: 09/28/16 9:21 PM GMT

Image: Watkins Lake (new) State Land and Park.

Bear with me and i'll get to the state park story.

As a few of you know, I dont like power lines in any of my shots. i will go to extremes to get around them. after a brutal climb up hill with a leg I broke just a few months back, and no trail to lead the way. I wasnt going home without my sunset shot.

At first glance from down below it seem like i might get around the wires and a lone tree in the distance would make for a nice subject. as you can see that didnt happen! once i got that far up there really wasnt no where one could get a good shot without power lines some where. i just decided to make them part of the composition this time with the tree i saw from down below. lined up next to the tower and wires at the peak of the tree. the power lines going in the other direction down another hill from which i did not came up from? they lined up nicely with a bush as the sun set as well...bonus!

that fence you see ahead is not as close as it looks. its at least 5-6ft high. now that gives you some sense of how far away it is. all in all? it was worth the climb up. even after nearly breaking my leg/hip again coming back down in the dark. the grass on my side of the hill was just as tall as the fence. i really do need to pack a flashlight in my camera bag. thought about the one i left back at the truck about halfway up. ohwell!

So i wouldnt consider this one "negative space" it was a rather positive experience i had :) to new land and Watkins lake opening up as a State and County Park together. theres infor online about the story "Watkins lake state park" in Norvell Mi. pretty interesting story with lots of history. and a place alot of migratory birds stop over in the spring and fall.


THE END! see, wasnt that worth reading about :) i will be posting more as the days pass. this place has taken up a lot of my time...sorry for the lack of commenting...baaaad habit of mine.

Negative Space Uploaded: 09/27/16 11:36 PM GMT

Image: Negative Space

Play with some brushes I made in PS. if you rotate it 180 degrees, the lines take on a different contouring effect.

one of those pieces either like it or hate it. dont be affraid to say so. trust me, your not going to hurt my feelings none.

Negative Milkweed Uploaded: 09/27/16 1:35 AM GMT

Image: Negative Milkweed

Just given the fact its a weed, i suppose is negative. then again, butterflies need the plant, so theres a positive side. beats me, im just the photographer.

a little play in Lightroom with an old file i had. the background was a burnt orange/greenish color. little trick in vignette (with highlights) can extract the white points around the edges...or bring them back into visual. just a little trick if you have the software and wanted to know. theres another in PS as well. many dont have or use PS so here's a different way.

Datura Uploaded: 09/20/16 10:21 AM GMT

Image: Datura

Otherwise known as the Moon Flower.

Elegant, Posed, Beautiful yet at the same time extremely deadly. reminds me of an old Ex...Yikes! did i type that out loud?


Stack Attack Uploaded: 09/16/16 6:35 AM GMT

Image: Stack Attack

Golden Foot Bridge Uploaded: 09/11/16 12:28 AM GMT

Image: Golden Foot Bridge

Fade Uploaded: 09/07/16 10:16 PM GMT

Image: Fade

Dawn of the Dead Uploaded: 09/03/16 1:03 PM GMT

Image: Dawn of the Dead

Looming out in the distance to the left is the Hospital downtown. i know because I've been admitted there several times. awaken one morning by this peaceful glow coming in through the window just before day break, or was it? all sense of time had been lost by then. I could not help but to gaze out over the city at the horizon glowing. it was then i noticed something strange by the old train depot but too far to see clearly. in the days to come i was soon discharged from the hospital, just before dawn! I had my camera with me and decided to go investigate.

It's dawn now, just before day break, its time to collect the souls! i soon found out what it was i seen that morning just before sunrise. it seems now i was not discharged after all, i was released! it appears my ride is here, so i must leave now! or do i have to? it could very well be my vanishing point beyond return!


23 layers, 6 adjustment layers, with layer masking. Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and Photomatix Pro 5 used.

ALL of the pictures that made up this photo(which are many) came from my 2 camera's only! this was once up before, made a few changes.

Two Cranes Uploaded: 09/01/16 6:09 PM GMT

Image: Two Cranes

there are some Pic's you just cant seem to let go for some odd reason, this would be one of those.

the orig was horrible, yet the experience to get close was too cool! the picture came out drap 2D pasty looking thing.

there is no HDR software here like most would think. this was done before i discovered HDR. just hours of play in photoshop with level, contrast, color correction. then a lot of dodge,burn, saturation not to bad so i posted it. this thing has been in a folder done for atleast 4 years. its never seen Caedes...i dont think anyways.

Fly By Uploaded: 09/01/16 5:57 PM GMT

Image: Fly By

Sandhill Crane in the back 40

Sandhill Crane Uploaded: 08/29/16 11:46 PM GMT

Image: Sandhill Crane

Butterfly Effect III Uploaded: 08/29/16 8:19 PM GMT

Image: Butterfly Effect III

one more..the end! (for now anyways)